What To Do When You Have To Wait – Boredom Busters Every Woman Needs

Waiting is boring. We wait in traffic. We wait at the dentist’s office. We wait for our hair to set, our nails to dry and the kettle to boil. Perhaps you only wait a few minutes at a time, but that soon adds up to hours, days and weeks over your lifetime. No wonder we’re so bored when we have nothing to do for weeks! So how can you beat the boredom when you’re patiently waiting for the next train, or for your work computer to load up?

Boredom happens when we’re not doing something that we want to do. You can be bored at the gym, even though your legs are pushing through the 5th mile of that static cycle ride. You can be bored when you’re not willing to engage with anyone or anything, like when you’re shivering on the train platform. So how can you utilize all that time waiting, or keep your mind stimulated when you’re body is performing repetitive tasks?

The dangers of boredom include bad habits like nail biting, snacking, and smoking. You need to give your hands something to do as well as your mind. This is why so many of us have lots of apps and games on our phones. They give our thumbs something to do as well as keeping our brains engaged with little tasks and challenges. If you’re not in the mood for games, you can always try apps like Movie Box so you can catch up on those movies and TV shows you never have time for.

Chewing gum is always going to be healthier than smoking cigarettes, but it doesn’t keep those fidgety fingers busy. Instead, why not put pen to paper? Writing is very good for occupying your mind as well as your fingers. If you happen to have your netbook with you, then load up a document app and start a diary. Maybe you have a short story idea or a song lyric you want to develop? Creative activities like this are great for beating the boredom. They keep your mind happy too.

Some people love knitting. You have to focus on the pattern as well as moving your hands in a repetitive rhythm. However, not everyone is keen on this, and it doesn’t suit every situation. Instead, consider alternative creative or crafting projects. If you have a purpose in mind, it is much easier to keep it going. Crochet, paper-folding, coloring can be relaxing as well as productive.

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If you are creative, why not consider some arty projects? Nail design, DIY stencil design, and pop art cards are always popular. They could even earn you a little money. Maximizing your time can be profitable as well as therapeutic. If you can turn your ‘down’ time into productive time, you may be able to start a small business!

While we all need a few minutes rest throughout the day, boredom can be more challenging to deal with than being busy. So go on, chat with a stranger, create something beautiful, or tackle that tax bill! Make the most of your wait.

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