Weekend Prep with ST MORIZ

Is it just me that has a dedicated night where you pamper yourself for the weekend, even if I’m not going out, I always put tan on for the weekend! It’s just a must, so surely I’m not the only one?

Thursday is usually my night, I love nothing more after a long day at work and boot camp, then getting in the house, jumping straight in the shower, giving my self a good scrub, washing my mop and applying some false tan. I feel like a new woman after a bit of basic pampering! I think it’s really important to give yourself some YOU time and look after yourself. False tan makes me feel so much better about myself, after all, it does define our figures a bit more doesn’t it gals?! I received the ultimate weekend prep pampering bundle from the lovely team at St Moriz last week, just check out what goodies I got my hands on!

St. Moriz, the no.1 volume self tan brand in the UK, and possibly my favourite false tan brand ever, have been making as splash this summer with their recent partnership with the new Baywatch movie which hit our screens back in May. St. Moriz have launched their biggest ever marketing campaign to support its association with the Baywatch Movie and in addition, they’ve marked the association with special Limited Edition Baywatch branded Mousse products. I’ve seen this campaign pretty much everywhere, especially on the back of buses and billboards.   The latest

I reviewed the latest Advanced Pro Formula back in March here, and loved it! St Moriz have massively improved their formula and brand the past few years, I’ve always been a loyal user though! The latest Advanced Professional Tanning Mousse is a specialist, multi-tasking formulation that provides a luxurious luminous glow and a longer lasting tan with a streak free finish. It’s available in Medium and Dark, it develops over 4-6 hours. I gave it a go and as per, it’s amazing. It applied perfectly even with the Mitt meaning no nasty streaks or orange hands! It’s not thick or creamy on the skin despite looking it, eventually, it only leaves a thin layer on the skin after application. Most importantly, it didn’t smell! It has a smell, just not that distinctive smell you associate with false tan (i.e digestive biscuits!) You really do get that Bay Watch glow at home!

Complimenting my tan, was the Oil Free Moisturiser! I’ve never used an oil free moisturiser before so I was a little worried it would be dry and uneasy to spread. I was wrong, this moisturiser works brilliantly with the tan and left my skin feeling silky smooth. I get really dry skin when I use false tan and it can sometimes sperate and look scaley, which I know is an issue for most girls too! This moisturiser really helped the dryness and resulted in the tan not only lasting longer but looking better too.

Beverly Hills Formula have also teamed up with Bay Watch and kindly sent me their Perfect White Black Charcoal which I’ve sworn by every since I tried in back in March too, you can read that review here. Fast forward 5 months, I’m still using it and it leaves my teeth feeling clean and I have seen a difference in colour.

And there you have it, the perfect pamper bundle and my must haves for weekend prep!


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