Urban Decay Perversion Duo Set Review

We’re all on the pursuit of the perfect eyeliner flick and if you’re not, you must be a man. In the past year or so I’ve really been making an effort with my eyes when apply make-up and shadow, watching countless YouTube tutorials on how to create certain looks, using hacks and tricks to get the perfect straight line with my eyeliner and eye shadow till I achieve the look I had in mind.

I’m always on the hunt for new products, different brands, exploring and experimenting with different pallets and brushes. My family know me too well…I got the Urban Decay Perversion set as a Christmas present which I was thrilled about, always wanting to try their liners since I LOVE their shadow palettes. Before being introduced to this set I used to use a KIKO liquid eyeliner which I swore by, it’s long lasting and the brush for application wasn’t messy so I was always too scared to try anything else! But since I received the Perversion set I thought I best give it a go.

First impressions, obviously the packing is gorgeous – striking yet still remains classy. The products are in a deep purple metallic chrome casing which I loved. Included in the set is a mascara and an eyeliner pen.

Let’s start with the mascara. The mascara brush is thick bursting with bristles clustered together which I was really happy about as sometimes I feel like brands go overboard with the design of the brushes. Shall we say over developing a design of simple brush that really doesn’t need to be changed since a classic brush does the job. However, this brush was thick meaning the mascara could easily glided through the bristles creating an evenly spread when I applied to my lashes something which I was worried about, thinking ‘oh what if it thickens up the mascara’ but it didn’t. I really like my lashes, they’re quite long and thick considering I sometimes wear lash extensions so when I find the perfect mascara I don’t really even need to wear false-ys which is a huge bonus and less irritating. So yeah, I’m loving this mascara. It doesn’t smudge after a few hours, or end up on the bottom of my eyelid plus easily comes off with remover.

Rating 10/10

Now for the liner. This is a waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen which is effortless. This really is one of my new favourite beauty products and a must have for the working gal make up routine. The working gal make up routine is the 5 minute routine where you’ve just rolled outta’ bed and try your best to make yourself look a 10 as quick as you possibly can to get to work on time! I never actually normally wear eyeliner for work because it’s too much hassle, but not anymore! Again, I’ve never really used a pen liner before but I don’t know why that is because they are SO much easier to use then a brush liner. I tried the liner for a night out dramatic look too and it certainly done the job, knowing it was long lasting I wanted to see if it would with stand the heat (not that I’m a sweaty beast on a night out… but you know what I mean) and it did, no smudges, no running… in tack, looking like I just walked out the door. The solution isn’t watery and definitely does have a pen like feel to it, the fine brush is perfect for definition and the tricky bits.

Rating 10/10

I’m really impressed with the set and would advise anyone looking for a few eye set to take a trip to their nearest Urban Decay stand! Coming in at only £24.00, for full-size products too, it’s a real bargain.

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