Tried And Tested Tips For Gorgeously Healthy Hair

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The body part that is most affected by stress is the hair. Whether the stress comes from work, children or simply as a result of medication or childbirth, your hair can bear the brunt of it. Stress is hard to cope with in general but the thing is, the hair on your head is visible. Short of wearing hats all day every day, you need to be able to manage your hair and keep it healthy, whatever life may throw at you. Your hair is your crowning glory and for the most part, you put more care into the tresses on your head rather than your outfit you wear.

There are plenty of homemade remedies to prevent you losing your hair and natural remedies are always preferable to those filled with chemicals. We humans lose between fifty and one hundred strands of hair a day but that isn’t a problem. We shed dead hair as new hair grows through but when hair loss goes beyond this, it’s cause for concern. There are so many excellent solutions for hair loss and hair extension, from colour match Celeb Wigs that can give you a renewed confidence, to adding brightly coloured extensions to your locks to thicken them. To keep your hair healthy and away from the effects of alopecia, there are a lot of things you could do. With these handy tips, your mane can remain lustrous and thick and hopefully stop falling out!

  • Aloe Vera: If there was any herb out there in the world that has the ability to treat almost any malady, it’s aloe. This magic plant has alkaline qualities that balance the pH level of the scalp, which can promote healthy hair growth.
  • Indian Gooseberry: Also, known as amla, it’s just packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. This is a perfect natural remedy for hair fall. You don’t just have to apply to your hair, you can also consume it. Vitamin C is wonderful for our immune systems so get munching on those gooseberries!
  • Onions: okay, so they don’t smell very nice, but applying onion juice to the scalp will do you a lot of favours. The sulphur content of the juice can regenerate lost hair follicles and the antibacterial properties of the juice will kill germs and infections.
  • Eggs: Don’t cook the eggs, but mixing the white of an egg with a little olive oil can go a long way for your scalp. They’re great for helping hair to regrow and using eggs as a hair mask can also feed your hair with healthy minerals.

Don’t let your hair stress you out and don’t stress out your hair! Do what you can for your hair but work on the stressful areas of your life too. Hair loss is a common thing for people to go through in life. If you want thick locks, then following good hair advice, using heat treatments before you blow dry or straighten and using material hair ties rather than elastic can keep your hair healthier for longer. We can’t avoid hair loss and going grey forever, but we can have a good go at prolonging the inevitable.


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