The Spectrum Collection Make Up Brushes Review

It’s Friday! Hope everyone has had a good week, I mean mine has been a pretty long ass week but in the same way it’s flew… like as if it’s the second week in January and it’s well, done. Today’s post is all about the new revolutionary brush kit that has changed my life. The Spectrum 10 Piece Essential Set of brushes.

If you haven’t heard about Spectrum, you’ve been living under a rock for the past year. I don’t think I go a day without seeing a snap of them on my Instagram feed to be honest. So, why do they stand out I hear you ask? That’s because of their pretty design and booming bright colours that have set off a rainbow explosion into our makeup bags. Instagram was where I first discovered Spectrum but I’d also heard and read a lot of reviews on the products since they are PETA registered plus vegan trademarked a cruelty free brand since all their brushes are made of the highest quality synthetic hair.

I have been lusting over their collections since like forever, but just haven’t really had the cash to splurge, so to my delight on Christmas day, my amazing boyfriend pulled it out of the bag and got me the Essential Set *que the boy done good comment*.  I usually use Real Technique brushes so I was interested to see what the difference between the two would be.

This set is described as their best selling and must-have brushes which ‘combined, are the perfect starting point to creating flawless make-up’. It includes brushes for your face, eyes and lips so when the say it’s essential, they really do mean the basics.

Firstly, I want to start with the aesthetics of the brushes. The initial design is gorgeous, I love the colours it really does remind me of mermaids with the pastel pink and bursting blue. Now for the how the brushes really feel, so super soft and especially on your skin.

The set includes:

  1. Flat Top Buffer – Used for applying foundation

Verdict: 10/10

Created an even coverage over my face, blending the foundation lightly around my face.

  1. Large Domed Powder – Used to apply powder

Verdict: 8/10

The soft bristles glided around my face evenly spreading the power on top of my foundation however because the brush is so soft I didn’t feel like there was huge amount of powder being picked up as I usually spread the powder very thickly, but that’s my preference.

  1. Small Angled Blush – Used to apply blush

Verdict: 10/10

I loved the slight angle in the brush meaning it almost sculpted the blusher around my cheek bones.

  1. Buffing Concealer – Used to blend concealer and foundation

Verdict: 9/10

Perfect for once you’ve applied concealer to blend with your foundation.

  1. Large Fluffy Shader – Used for blending base shadow

Verdict: 8/10

Ideal for the first brush to use when apply shawdow, particularly your base shadow after you’ve prepped and primed your eyes for a look.

  1. Tall Tapered Blender – Used to apply a thick shadow

Verdict: 8/10

I used this to apply my dramatic colour shadow and glitter to add an extra sparkle singulair asthma. It picked up all pigments and blended it effectively within my lid.

  1. Small Angled Blender – Used to apply shadow

Verdict: 10/10

This was fantastic for the corner for my eye and my eye lid bridge to create style without it being a solid line around the shape.

  1. Angled Brow – Used to blend eyebrow pen and serum

Verdict 10/10

An ideal shaped brush for filling in your eyebrows and blending in eyebrow solution, it creates brilliant definition.

  1. Lip Liner – Used to apply lip liner and colour

Verdict 9/10

A soft brush which evenly defines the shape of your lips, works brilliantly to create the perfect pout.

  1. Angled Eyeliner – Used to apply eyeliner

Verdict: 10/10

The best eyeliner brush I’ve ever used. The fine bristles gently pick up the solution so it’s not too thick meaning you can get the desired flick on fleek.


In conclusion I love Spectrum brushes and don’t know what I ever did without this set before now. I’m already browsing for another set! They are to die for, I urge you all to buy!


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