The Signs Of Aging You Don’t Expect

It’s not much fun peering in the mirror and worrying that you’re looking older these days. The truth is we are all getting wiser and more experienced, and that will, inevitably, show up on our bodies and faces. Is it something to worry about? Not really, unless, of course, the signs of aging that you’re seeing could be detrimental to your health. Here are just a few signs that your problems could be more serious than cosmetic:


Your teeth will tell on you if you don’t look after them. You really must get in the habit of brushing twice a day, flossing and using mouthwash. And stop actively damaging them by doing silly things like using them as scissors or bottle openers! If you keep your healthy teeth routine going for the rest of your life, you might reduce the risk of gum disease and decay.

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Of course, age will still show up, no matter how good you are at brushing. As we age, the enamel will weaken and stain. Teeth become chipped and more yellowed. The nerves feeding the teeth can become damaged too. Most seriously, the gums can recede as we get older due to nutritional deficiencies and less effective blood supply. You might damage or lose a tooth or two, but dental implants can ensure your jaw and speech are not affected.


As we age, the efficiency of our eye movements starts to decline. Most of us will have some degree of long sightedness often means we need to wear reading glasses. This can happen at any time from our forties. Over time, problems like cataracts can occur so make sure you keep your eye doctor appointments. The skin around the eyes sags and bags and dark circles can become more obvious. Cosmetic surgery is often a step too far for most of us, but you can help keep your eyes healthy with a good diet and a few simple eye exercises.


Did you know that your ears continue to grow for the rest of your life? The same happens to our noses, as both are made of cartilage. Beyond these features appearing a little larger over the decades, your hearing will also become less effective. Top end and bottom end frequencies of sounds can become muffled or even be lost to you altogether. If you take care of your hearing, it should serve you well enough for life. Avoid loud places, and keep your earbud volume low.


If you’ve been worrying about flat looking hair or wayward frizz, then chances are you already worry about your hair. However, your hairline could eventually give your age away. Over time, women’s hairlines recede from the front. There will undoubtedly be some thinning on top too. Sudden hair loss could be a sign of stress that you should speak to your doctor about. However, the texture of your hair may, in fact, thicken up, as white or grey hairs tend to be coarser. Take care of your hair now by avoiding over heating, over binding, and over colouring your locks. Be proud of your appearance, no matter how many years of wisdom you’ve got!

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