The Lancome Star Magic Bronzing Brush Review

I just love a good bronzer, don’t you?

My first bronzer was a cheapy one from Body Care of which shade, was probably meant for someone with a darker complexion than my own, lily-white skin. Therefore, you could usually see me looking rather orange when I was 15 (obviously matching my tangerine fake tan).

Since my teens, my make-up game has seriously improved. I’m not declaring myself as a make-up artist, but what I am saying is now I can grasp a natural glow and know the tricks of the trade for make-up trends, for example, the classic eyeliner flick… Do you get me?

Back to the bronzer though, I always like to try different bronzers because let’s face it (pun not intended) make-up would be ever so boring if we stuck to one brand or product. Hoola by Benefit is new to me believe it or not and I am seriously loving it, however, I am missing a little shimmer. Hoola looks very matte on me, which is ideal for nights out when I get a shiny face but now the sun’s out I’d like to look glowing if you know what I mean! Highlighter usually does the trick but I have been on the hunt for a bronzer that does both… and I’ve found one, the Lancome Star Bronzer. I came to try it because it was a present for my birthday from my Mam, she raves about it, so she decided to treat me so I could find out what the big deal was.

I’m a big fan of Lancome makeup, although not a brand I would even think about buying from before this if I’m honest because I am a make-up sheep. I follow the trends of what everyone is using. The products I have used in the past have always been good though, especially the lipsticks and nail varnish.

The Star Bronzer Brush is the ultimate handbag essential. I carry a small selection of makeup around with me in my bag every day, as I’m sure a lot of you lot do too, (unless you’re a man reading this) and I do that because it’s always good for a quick top up during the day, isn’t it? Especially in the heat, like we’ve had this week ey! It’s an essential because of its compactness, it’s a decent size but what is the unique selling point is the fact it’s a bronzer and a brush all in one. EFFORTLESS! Plus, the brush has a cap over it so it doesn’t get dirty or mixed with other products. I love the design of it general, it’s really user-friendly and has a luxurious branding. The golden browns work well together, reflecting the product perfectly. All you simply have to do is press the small button at the top to release bronzer into the brush.

Now, the nitty gritty. Is the bronzer any good, I hear you ask? Yes, yes it is. And do you know why it’s good? Because when the bronzer is released after you press the button, just the right amount is released for each cheek. It’s not heavy on the skin, and certainly doesn’t create a caked look. It’s light weight and it’s carried on carefully by the soft fine brush. I’ve always thought bigger brushes were for bronzer but I feel a smaller brush is much better for a more defined look. The shimmer within the bronzer creates a sun-kissed glow, rather than a matte which is exactly the look I’ve been after. It’s not shimmery as in glittery, it’s glowing. The best way I can describe this is a holiday glow.

So, my Mam was right (she’s always right), it is a fab product. I’d definitely recommend and for a steal price at £34.00 from SimplyBe, you can not go wrong!

What’s your favourite bronzer?

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