The Guide To Getting A Perfect Smile

The dentist industry is blossoming due to the request for more people wanting the perfect smile. Celebrities are always flaunting their white teeth and giving tips on how they perfected their smile. But with so much information out there what’s the best way to achieving such results.

Regular brushing alone only cleans up to 60% of the tooths surface area leaving room for the plaque. Visiting your local dentist is the best way to keep your teeth in regular health and free from the plaque which is the leading contributor to tooth decay.


Electric toothbrushes are great for removing plaque quicker and more efficiently.Popular due to the effectiveness and power has however led to incorrect brushing wearing down the gum line. At 5,000 to 30,000 strokes on the tooth per minute, it takes less time to do a thorough job. Remember to position the head at an angle and to guide the brush slowly along the gum. The same goes for manual toothbrushes go slow with circular movements.Dentists recommend watching yourself clean your teeth in a mirror this way you can see if you’re brushing correctly.

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Flossing can eliminate the buildup of plaque, start with a small line of floss and with gentle rocking movements try not to snap the floss in the process. If you can’t get on with string floss try interdental brushes. The design of the small brush is to make it accessible to the back of the teeth easier. An interdental brush can reach further and get rid of the buildup of food and plaque. They can be recommended by your dentist if you need more assistance after flossing. The small brush head is bristled designed to clean between the teeth, available in various sizes and widths.

Adults are turning to braces to fix their smile, they’ve become more popular after A-list celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were spotted with clear train tracks. Lingual braces are a great way to perfect teeth without feeling like a teenager. The brace is discreetly hidden behind the teeth, therefore, no one will know and you can smile with confidence.

Having perfect teeth has led to a boom in wanting a white smile to match.So many various products are out on the market, from whitening strips to UV lights. Buying these products does not have to be costly, try home remedies. Strawberries are beneficial as they contain antioxidants that can improve your teeth as you age. Not only do they benefit your teeth but can naturally whiten them as well. The trick is to mash up four or five strawberries and rub gently over teeth and rinse well with water afterward.

Looking at your diet can give an insight into the health of your teeth, try eating foods that can keep teeth and gums strong. Exposure to sugar such as citrus fruits cause cavities which are the main cause for worn down enamel. Sipping sugary drinks over a long period of time can get to the surface of your enamel. If you do consume soft drinks try to decrease your intake and drink alongside water.


The most important thing to remember when it comes to tooth care is it’s more than the look. As long as teeth are healthy that’s the first step in keeping them from falling out later in life.

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