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So last night I was invited down to The Bridges, Sunderland to their Beauty Event! I live in Sunderland and know the Bridges very well so was excited to see what my local shops had to offer, I was hoping to get inspired for Christmas to see what gift sets were available in each stores since I have a family full of ladies.

The night started at Lush Cosmetics, the Sunderland store is actually quite big. There is a huge selection of beauty magic available and let’s not forget to mention the amazing smell that oozes around and even outside of the shop. Myself and the other bloggers (Tor from ThatsPeachy, Cat from RockandRollPussycat and Kayleigh from IDreamCoco ) were greeted by the lovely team and then shown how to create our own bath bombs which was fab! We created a Christmas Butter Bear, we used a premixed set of ingredients which included ‘peaceful and softening’ fair trade Colombian Coca Butter, Ylang Yland Oil and ‘The food of Gods’ CocoaPowder, we were told this bath bomb was good for sensitive skin and children… result! I was over the moon as I suffer from sensitive skin and often can’t use bath bombs. We then wondered around the shop and had demonstrations of the newest bath bombs available, in particular some from the new Christmas range. Exciting and some gorgeous gift sets for Christmas presents in store.

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We then moved onto Debenhams where we had a selection of the beauty counters to visit including Estee Lauder, Benefit and Clarins. At each counter we had a skincare analysis, each brand told me which products they had which would be catered to my skin type and told how it would help my skin. I have mainly dry skin but depending on my body temperature/environment it can get very oily meaning I usually have a shiny forehead. *not a good look*

The representative at Clarins was lovely, Clarins have about a million and one moisturizers, toners, oils, exfoliators so she done her best to explain how they’ve created these formulas and products to help people with skin types like me! She then advised and demonstrated how and what I should be using on my skin to create a healthy glow. She told me all about how I should be exfoliating my skin as well as washing and toning, she pointed out about two main products which she recommended I should be using. One was Clarins Exfoliating Care which delivers an instant feeling of freshness and comfort, she even sampled this on my hand directing me how to use with a cotton pad and the other Clarins Lotus Oil Face treatment which has been created to purify, balance and deliver long lasting beauty to combination skin prone to oiliness basically it creates a matte effect.

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I then went to Estee Lauder where I met with their representative who was really nice, she made me look at my skin and tell her one thing I’d change. She then asked me a number of questions about skin, my routine, how I look after my skin and what I should and shouldn’t be doing pointing out products to add to my routine such as the Perfectly Clean mask and exfoliator. I also mentioned that I used the double wear foundation so she told me how to keep my skin looking hydrated with each moisturizer and why the foundation looks so much better on brighter skin and rather dull on dehydrated dry skin.

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Due to time I only had the chance to chat for a minute or two with the Benefit team and rather than skincare I was desperately wanting to know about their new brow range that has been widely advertised so they gave me some information of each product and why they were different which was very interested learning about the different brushes and actual brow pencils.


We moved swiftly down to KIKO and had a consultation on foundation types, I found it really useful to know what I should be looking for since usually I just try and find the best match from looking and first glance. They have recently developed a more advanced range from their ‘Universal Fit’ & ‘Unlimited’ Foundation so the team matched me up and used a few different powders on me. I’ll definitely be adding some products from KIKO to my Christmas list for sure, such good value for money. Affordable beauty! Then just in the nick of time we made it to The Body Shop where we were told about their new make-up range, gift sets and face masks.

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I had a great evening down at The Bridges, big thank you to all involved in the event. Especially all staff involved which couldn’t have been more helpful and I definitely learnt a few beauty secrets and must haves. I’ve already planned a trip back to The Bridges for my Christmas shopping and to take my Mam down for her own unique skin consultation as I’m sure she would benefit from a few beauty lessons.

Check out all my amazing samples too, can’t wait to try them all!

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  • Reply Kayleigh Lindstedt November 4, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Great write up! Lovely to meet you and such a fun night 🙂

    Kay xx

    • Reply Alice November 4, 2016 at 12:47 pm

      Thank you! Was lovely to meet you too 🙂 Had a great time! Sure I’ll see you again.

      Alice xx

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