The 4 Things You’re Doing That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth as early on as you possibly can is the only real way to ensure that they look good now and in the future. If you fail to look after your teeth, you’re going to experience health problems later on down the line, not to mention a decline in aesthetics. Here are the 4 things you could be doing that are ruining your teeth:

Using Your Teeth As Tools

Do you use your teeth to open bottles, snap off tags? Maybe you bite your nails. Your teeth should be treated with the utmost care, not used as a tool to open and break things. If you do this, you should expect some chips in your teeth, and maybe even more serious cracks.

Using Whitening Products From Untrustworthy Sources

There are so many whitening products out there these days, and it’s all too easy to try to save some money by ordering from an untrustworthy source. This can mean you end up using fake products that look like branded products, and some of them can contain dangerous ingredients. You need to make sure that strips, gels, and charcoal powder is purchased from trusted suppliers!  

Eating Too Many Sugary Foods

If you eat lots of sugary foods, you’re likely doing some damage. Make sure you chew sugar free gum after eating to prevent decay!

Skipping Brushes

Skipping brushes is another big problem. Make sure brushing your teeth is a non negotiable thing. Do it before you get comfy in bed so you aren’t tempted to skip!

Here are a few ways you can stop tooth decay before it starts!

Credit to Toothbrush Talk – Tooth Decay

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