Teenage Skin Into Your Twenties? Battle Breakouts With These Tips


There’s no denying that being a teenager is a tricky time. You’re socially awkward, growing into your body and generally working out where you fit in the world. Along with all of the confusion, friend and relationship drama and pimples you have to deal with education and maybe your first steps into part time work too. No wonder teens are so moody! Thankfully it’s not forever. While adulthood is a minefield as well, many of the woes and much of the teenage angst is left behind once school and college is done and dusted. But what happens when your teenage skin follows you into your twenties? Not only does this seem unfair when you’ve already paid your dues, but it’s frustrating too. While spots during puberty are normal due to changing hormones, often acne that continues into adulthood is a sign that something isn’t quite right. If you don’t know where to start, here are some tips to bear in mind.

Use The Right Products

If your acne is relatively mild, simply using the right products and sticking to a good skincare routine may help to keep things under control. Use a deep cleansing face wash to clean excess oils, makeup, and grime from the pores. This prevents blockages which could lead to or exacerbate breakouts. Look for a product containing salicylic acid which has been shown to be helpful for acne prone skin, and doesn’t need to be bought with a prescription.  It’s important to moisturize if you have acne too, you might not like the idea of adding another layer to your skin, but cleansers designed to remove excess oils can dry out the skin and in turn lead to the production of more oil. Go with something that’s light, easily absorbed and is designed for sensitive skin.

Switch Your Makeup

Many types of foundations and base products can contain oil, and can block the pores. But this doesn’t mean you need to skip makeup altogether, especially as when your skin is breaking out makeup can give you a little more confidence. Instead, opt for a mineral powder, these are made from natural ingredients that won’t irritate or clog the skin, but will still provide coverage. You can also get mineral blushes and bronzers too. Using a touch of green concealer just over red breakouts can neutralize the color, instead of piling on thick and heavy foundation to cover everything.

Speak To Your Doctor

In many cases, the causes of acne are due to changes inside the body. It’s only by getting to the bottom of these changes that the acne can clear up for good. Hormonal issues for example can be dealt with in some women by going on the contraceptive pill. In other cases, a mixture of tablets and external washes will have the best effects. Speak to your doctor, if they’re not able to help you will be referred to a dermatologist.



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