St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula False Tan Review

I’d probably say false tan was a girls best friend, not diamonds. Why’s that, I hear you ask? That’s because false tan is always there for us gals. It’s our trusty friend no matter what the weather is, occasion it is or what mood we’re in. What I mean by that is, when the sun magically comes out one day (you know, unpredictable British weather) we’re prepared with false tan to make us look like we have a healthy glow or what about when we’re hitting the town in a revealing dress… we can’t be lily white can we since we base our outfits on looking better with a tan? (I hope I’m not the only one that does that?!) OR what about when we just need a good old pamper, when you’re feeling run down and just need a bit of oomph to your skin? False tan just always makes me feel better about myself.

But, some of us can have a love hate relationship with false tan because lets be honest the hardest part of false tan is actually applying it. My need for false tan first started when I was in secondary school, it was an essential… an essential to look orange. Yes that’s right, I’m from the orange generation where we lathered as much false tan and satsuma foundation on our faces as we possibly could throughout my teens. Luckily my Mam would never let me walk around with dodgy false tan or foundation *thanks for always having my back Mam* because she knew what a state I looked, so she invested in a spray tan machine for us. It was a God sent, I always had unreal, perfectly applied false tan on at all times.

Nowadays, I wish I had the time for a spray tan every week but I just don’t with a hectic busy life so I when I do get the chance to apply I always just use a mousse tan. I’m always on the look out for new products but my main go to product is St Moriz. I’m not just saying that either honestly, it’s just as good as the expensive big named brands. Emphasis on expensive there, St Moriz is budget tan with an amazing quality. When I first came across the brand a few years ago I’ll admit I was sceptical since it was so cheap, I mean £3.00 a bottle and it was going to give me a good even tan? Surely not, but I was wrong. It did the job, and I didn’t turn out orange… result.

Ever the huge fan of St Moriz, I was rather excited to find out that they were developing their already fantastic forumla into a few improved new ranges so when I was asked to try one I was over the moon. I decided to try the Advanced Pro Forumla range where I received the exfoliating skin primer and the 5 in 1 tanning mousse. I’ve been using the pair for two weeks now so I thought I’d share my thoughts…

  • St Moriz Advanced Pro Forumla Primer

The Advanced Pro Formula range has been created by the Moriz tanning experts who have created salon quality formulations with advanced ingredients with proven results that it will revolutionise and lock down your perfect tan. The Advanced Pro Exfoliating Skin Primer will prep and prime your skin pre tanning to help achieve the perfect, even tan. Specially formulated to removing dead skin cells and even the skin surface so that self tan has a smooth base to develop on and is guaranteed to last longer.

I really liked the primer, it wasn’t rough or hard on my skin like I sometimes find with exfoliators it was soft and easy to massage on dry areas of skin. The solution it self was thick yet watery meaning it was easily spread around my body. I loved the smell which was a mix between false tan it self (nice smelling false tan FYI) and sun tan lotion, it’s very fresh and sweet. After I used the primer of which I used before applying the tan, my skin felt soft and revitalized.

  •  St Moriz Advanced Pro Formula 5 in 1 Tanning Mousse & Mit

Now for the crucial product, the tan itself. St Moriz states this is a specialist multi-tasking formulation that  will provide an increased moisturisation, a luxurious luminous finish and a longer lasting tan. This mousse is ideal for all users and skin types. I would always advise using the St Moriz tanning mit when applying a mousse based product because in my opinion it creates a a more even spread and finished look… plus avoid orange hands this way! The mit is a relatively thick sponge material meaning it can withhold the mousse but also transfer the mousse properly without soaking too much of the product up. When I applied the mousse it instantly just spread and flow-ed easily on my body, specifically my legs. It was an easy and effortless application because the formula isn’t claggy or thick plus it doesn’t dry straight away so it isn’t a race against time to get as much false tan on your legs as possible, a few pumps of the formula on your mit does the job meaning you also aren’t using half a bottle to only do your legs. After a full body application it dried within a few seconds and was all one colour. I was really impressed by it! Another huge, revolutionising point that I’d like to make also is the fact it didn’t smell. It didn’t have the horrendous biscuit tan smell instead it was a light fresh moisturising scent.

The next day I went in the shower to wash off the thickness of the tan but I wasn’t an orange colour, still a nice tan. I exfoliated with the primer and some gloves, my finished tan was amazing. I looked like I’d been away for the week in Spain, not embarrassingly brown. It was a very natural finished look. If you’ve been on my Instagram you’ll have seen my selfies for the past 2 weeks and I don’t really look out-of-place-ly tanned do I? (Well at least I don’t think I do ha!)

Overall, I’m really impressed with the new Advanced Pro Formula and will certainly be continuing to topping up my tan every week with the new mousse. 10/10 from me! Get buying ladies, this is a must have.

*This post contains PR samples

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