Sleek MakeUp Review

Budget make up has really come on, hasn’t it? The quality is almost better than some high-end products, dare I say. Recently I’ve tried ditching my pricey makeup products and started searching further into affordable cosmetics. One brand that I’m seriously loving at the minute is Sleek MakeUp.

It’s a brand that I’ve only actually discovered recently, however they’ve been around for over 20 years in the beauty industry and over that time, Sleek MakeUP have built a loyal following. The brand are one of the fastest growing brands on the high street and they pride themselves on creating innovative, superior performance makeup, with strong pigmentation and of course, high quality at the heart of everything they do.

Sleek MakeUP claims to understand skin tone, catering from fair to dark and every one of us in between. They know the importance of looking and feeling good in your own skin, so they’ve created prestige products at an affordable price. I love that they cater for every skin tone and really do have a wide range of products that suit everyone.

I was lucky enough to be sent three pieces from their current ranges to try and give my honest opinion of.  Those three products were:

  1. Highlighting Palette Midas Touch 090 – £10.00

I love a good highlighter that is, now I know how to apply it. You see, when I first discovered highlighter, I used to just bang it on and hope I’d look like one of those insta models. Spoiler, I didn’t, it just made me look like I’d had my face painted as a fairy princess or something… not a good look. So anyway, now I’ve grasped the concept of highlighter, it’s now become one of my favourite products to use when applying my makeup, I’d say it really emphasises my cheek bones creating a more structured face shape overall. There are four shades within the palette and my initial thoughts when I first laid eyes on them were, cold. Cold, cool shades actually, icy almost, if you get what I mean? The four shades are called:

  • Solitaire, which is dark silver in colour with a hint of glitter. When applied to the skin it goes more of a washed out silver, not as prominent as you first think. It’s more of crème highlighter than powdered.
  • Tanzanite, which is the warmest shade out of them all, a very light pink, a cross between pink and silver. This goes on more of a powder, compared to the Solitaire, and still remains very warm. It blended really well my bronzer and just added that hint of sparkle to it.
  • Rhinestone, a very blue shade. I was shocked that I loved this shade the most because almost immediately I was put off by the blue. Turns out as soon as you apply, the striking blue fades and it blends lovely on the skin.
  • Cubic Zirconia, a classic highlighter colour, mixed with silver and white. You can’t go wrong with this shade and I applied after bronzing and blush.

Overall, I love this highlighting palette, I think it’s compact, easy to carry around and the mini brush and mirror included are very handy. The shades worked really well with my other makeup, for example, my foundation and bronzer, blending properly and smooth.

  1. Matte Me – Apricot Bloom – £4.99

I’ve said this before on here, and I’ll say this again, I’m really not a fan of matte lipsticks and gloss. I don’t know if maybe my lips are too small and too dry, but me and matte just don’t normally mix well! So I was a little worried about trying this gloss, but I was pleasantly surprised. I can honestly say this is the best matte lip gloss I’ve tried and it didn’t just sink into my lips like others usually do, although being matte it was very thick and moist, meaning my lips didn’t dry out. It was long lasting and only really came off when I ate. The shade is very summer appropriate and brightened up the look I was pulling off when I used it! Therefore, I’d definitely recommend.

  1. Lip VIP Lipstick In Mulberry – £5.50

This lipstick was in matte too, so again I was a bit sceptical about whether I’d like it but like in the above, I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I really liked it and I loved the shade, although being a very dark mixture of purple and brown tones and fitting more to an autumn season, it did match my smoky makeup when I wore it. It was very long lasting and moist, meaning my lips didn’t go dry at all. Another positive review of the matte range!

In conclusion, Sleek MakeUP is a brand I’d 100% recommend and a high street budget makeup MUST. The price of the products is very reasonable and the quality is second to none.

Have you used Sleek before?

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