Skinny Tan Haul – Review

How was everyone’s weekend? I’ve had a pretty chilled one although I did get all dolled up on Friday for date night with the other half and a few cocktails as some of you may have seen over on my Instagram!

Last week I was sent goodies from the team at Skinny Tan, so on Friday I had a glow to match the glorious weather we’ve had up here in the North East.

I’d heard rave reviews about Skinny Tan before I received so I was very excited to give it a try! If you haven’t heard of Skinny Tan, where have you been?! Under a rock I presume, because if you’re a social media obsessive then you’ll know they’re all over. Skinny Tan was created by two yummy mummys, who hit it big time ‘down-under’ since they’ve been a tanning sensation over there and stocked in major chains throughout Australia. After that success, the ladies decided it was time to bring Skinny Tan home to where they’re both from, the UK and share the secrets of natural tanning actives, skin smoothing Guarana and beautiful bronze tones. They appeared on ‘Dragons’ Den’ and it left all five dragons  desperate to invest in this quality brand. It was clear to these very succesful investors that Skinny Tan had a winning formula that would change the perception of fake tans. Kelly Hoppen and Piers Linney won the dragon fight and now work closely with Kate and Louise to help develop the Skinny Tan brand.

So what’s the hype around Skinny Tan then, I hear you all ask? Well basically Skinny Tan is the first self-tanner that combines a natural tanning active with naturally derived skin smoothing actives to tan, contour and reduce the visible appearance of cellulite! Game changer or what?!

My goodies included:

  • Pre-Tan Primer, which is an exfoliating walnut in-shower dermabrasion cream scrub to help smooth tan application.  This formula invigorates blood flow to reduce cellulite and removes dead and dull skin cells to reduce surface blemishes and reveal younger skin.
  • 7-Day Dark, which develops a natural tan in just 2 hours OR you can choose to leave it on for longer to develop a darker shade. Certified natural tanning agents, skin smoothing oils and firming guarana. Guaranteed Streak free and fades as naturally as it develops.
  • Express Mousse, which is made with natural oils and firming guarana berries Skinny Tan Express lets you express yourself and choose the level of your tan. In just one hour you get the results of our best selling original mousse. Leave it for 2 hours and get the deeper darker mousse Dark effect.
  • Exfoliating Mitt, basically you use the brown for gentle exfoliation to remove dead, dull skin cells and create a smooth surface to apply tan to and the orange side has professional level dermabrasion tough enough to remove excess tanning from palms, ankles, knees or elbows.
  • Tan Application Mitt, which helps smoother tanning application and to protect hands from tanning.

First I decided to use the 7-Day Dark, I didn’t want to get rid of the packaging because just look how Instagram-able it is!! I went in the shower on Thursday night, using the Exfloiating Mitt and Pre-Tan Primer I began to get rid of the dead skin and left of tan from last weekend. The mitt felt really rough on my skin but not uncomfortable, I think if I was to rive at my skin it would hurt but gentle movements with the mitt on seemed to remove the left over tan, I was so shocked when I rinsed my skin and the mitt because the colour coming off me was erm… disgusting haha! I targeted areas where I suffer most from cellulite, mainly around the backs of my legs. The Pre-Tan Primer smelt fruity, mainly coco-nutty, and was of a thick consistency added with hard exfoliating rocks. It almost felt like moisturizer on my skin rather than a body wash so maybe that’s the secret to getting rid of your left over tan!

After making sure my skin was fully dry, I began to use the 7-Day Dark tan. The consistency of this was similar to a moisturizer which felt weird for me as I’m so used to using a mousse! This isn’t a tan where you can see developing straight away, so I was wary thinking ‘oh god, what if this is streaky?!’ But I re-assured myself that Skinny Tan do say ‘no streaks!’. The smell of the tan was similar to the Pre-Tan Primer, but there wasn’t a distinct smell, not like most tans! The mitt was great, very soft on the skin, and worked well with tan solution making sure every drop was used and spread around evenly. I usually wear plastic gloves under a mitt just in case the tan leaks through but this was different, this mitt is so thick meaning no orange hands.

Throughout the night I kept checking my tan and it was developing just nicely. The next morning I woke up and I was so naturally tanned. The actual shade of the tan wasn’t orange, it really was a sun kissed glow. I didn’t have any streaks or orange hands/feet, I was over the moon! I looked like I’d just been to Spain for a week. My favourite thing about this tan was the fact I didn’t wake up reaking of digestive biscuits or honking room out OR staining my bed sheets.

Overall, I LOVE Skinny Tan. I’d 100% recommend it and everyone needs to try it, it’s retailed at reasonable price too and starts around £25.99! My skin still, a few days on from this feels moisturized and it hasn’t split or gone scramy. I’m trying the express mousse tonight, wish me luck and I’ll get back to you on how it goes!

Have you tried Skinny Tan before?

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