Skincare… Are expensive creams worth it?



So I’m 20, which honestly feels so old haha! I’m sure I was like 16 2 minutes ago… like what?! Anyway I sort of managed to serve the acne and oil ridden skin when I was in my teens, I did however get a few monstrous pimples but that boils down to my bad diet and lack of exercise back in the day! But from being in my teens my Mam always taught me to use a nice face moisturizer every day, since then it has now become an essential day to day beauty regime for me.

I’m really aware of looking after my skin now rather than later when I’m full of wrinkles so am always on the hunt for the best creams, face washes etc and regularly read beauty blogs and reviews… however the same questions always pops in to my head “Can I afford this cream?” “Is it really worth that amount?” “Such a small pot for how much?!”

It’s the age-old question: are expensive moisturisers and creams worth it? Pure Beauty, the face cream experts explains to me why paying more for your skincare is beneficial.


Some low-cost budget skincare products scrimp on ingredients to help them compete with larger brands at a lower price point. The percentage number of each ingredient in a skin care product is usually not shown on the product’s packaging. This can mean that only the bare minimum of a particular ingredient is included in order to keep costs down while still showing the must-have ingredient on the label itself. *shocked face*

While this can happen in skincare products across all budgets (so can happen with the high end brands and creams), it is generally found more often in cheaper products where brands are trying to cut their expenses to ensure their products remain profitable. Of course, this should be considered on a product-by-product basis.


Often, the difference between an expensive and low-cost product is the formulation (process in which different chemicals substances are combined to create the end product) of ingredients. In budget options, ingredients that are deemed non-essential — like silicones — for example are often omitted. While these ingredients don’t necessarily improve the quality of your skin, they help the lotion or moisturiser to glide onto your skin. This luxe application is often missing with cheaper options, which can feel like you’re dragging them across your skin.

Usually, brands that create more expensive products have the budget to patent their unique blend of ingredients aka put a little more time and thought into their products for the user. This means that the benefits offered by this particular combination of ingredients can only be felt by purchasing that particular product.


With a larger budget, more expensive brands are often in a better position to carry out clinical tests which is reassuring for the user. The question we’re all asking is ‘will it actually work?’ so, by creating a tried-and-tested bank of information, consumers are reassured  that their investment is worthwhile.

So there we have it, I’m off to compare the market! This is definitely an excuse for me to browse and treat myself to a new selection of beauty creams. Dermalogica or Declor…. Hmmmm?!

What’s your favourite face creams? xox

*This is a collaborative post with Pure Beauty.

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