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Have you heard about the latest revolutionary brush cleaning product yet? If not, I’m about to tell you… ok so the title and photo are a spoiler but lets talk about the Shadow Switch, dry brush cleaner by Beauty Essentials.

There are all sorts of products available on the market these days to help with our biggest problem as make up enthusiasts and that is cleaning our make up brushes. There are now silicone eggs, brush gel cleaning agents, mini cleaning barrels but non are as instant as this dry brush cleaner. This shadow switch eliminates time and mess making cleaning your eye-shadow brushes as quick and as painful as possible, also meaning you no longer have to keep buying a constant supply of different brushes… oh the dream.


The Shadow Switch aims to remove make up from your brushes quickly and effectively, eliminating the need to change brushes to use different colour make up powders, prevents makeup transferring when using the same brush and claims to be the quickest, hygienic and reliable way to preserve your makeup brushes.

After trying this product for a week I can confirm, the claims are true. I have a favourite brush that I use to do the base of my eye-makeup, then once I’ve added the depth of the style to my eye, I go back to using the base brush for blending but it can get awfully dirty and carries the darker shades with the lighter which is all good and well when I’m creating one look one day, but the next I could be creating a completely different look meaning yesterdays colours are still on the brush… the struggle is real until now! So I put the cleaner to the test and tried it after use and seemingly it was clean, I waited until the next day to try again and I have no issues, no left over make up, no nothing. This product has completely changed my routine! The bristles within the sponge are hard and stiff but as you brush stroke it becomes apparent that the bristles are thick enough to clean the product. The experts recommend that you clean the sponge every two months for hygiene reasons, simply by cleaning the sponge with warm water and waiting until the sponge is fully dry before using it again.

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I’d definitely recommend this product and I can’t believe it’s only £5.99 on Amazon check it out plus has free delivery, what a bargain!

*This post contains PR samples

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