Pro Blo Brushes Review

Who else just loves that effortless curly blow dry look? Because I certainly do, and it’s a look I attempt to try and recreate on a daily basis!

I was first introduced to Pro Blo when I had a blow dry at my hairdressers. I was fascinated by the technique and how it worked so well with my hair. If you haven’t been keeping up to do date with my hair updates, where have you been?! If you need to catch up read my latest hair post here, where I discuss life after my weave with Pantene.

My hair is so thick and really struggles to hold curls, so I can go out looking like something off Dallas and by 12 o’clock my hair is as flat as a fart. The struggle is real! However, the time I had a blow dry with Pro Blo, I really noticed a difference. They gave my hair so much volume and the curls stayed in longer than an hour, it was a miracle. Therefore I’ve always had a love with Pro Blo! So when I was sent the CurlMe set, I was over the moon! I was over the moon because it meant I could have that salon style at home!

The CurlMe set includes:

  • X 6 CurlME Barrels. (x 2 Small, x 2 Medium x 2 Large)
  • X 6 Hair Clips.
  • X 1 Handle
  • X 1 Travel Bag

I received the tools in a very visually pleasing box, I love the packaging and branding, it’s very girly and sophisticated! When you open the box, everything is packed away orderly and inside is a leaflet informing you about the product and also a little picture chart to direct you how to use the brushes. It’s so useful and I can imagine it being very helpful for beginners.

I really like how the set has different size barrels, I use different size rollers normally anyway which works really well with my hair since I have layers. Naturally, I put the biggest size on the crown of my head and side fringe then the smaller sizes on the bottom, which is exactly what I did with thesLet’s

Let’s start with the handle and the barrels; The application of the handle and the barrels is incredibly easy, they clip into place and once in the hair, the button on the handle releases the barrel pain and struggle free. Size wise the handle is ideal, the material of the handle is easy to grip onto and also maneuver once you’re styling with the hair dryer. The clips which hold the barrels on to your hair work effectively and they’re able to hold heavy weight as well as decent amount of hair. The travel bag is very handy and a great place to store your tools when not in use.

I used the brushes by sectioning my hair, I started with the top, i.e. the crown and used the biggest barrels for this. I must note that you do need a decent hair dryer for optimum results! I grabbed a piece of hair and began to blow drying it as I normally would, but staying close to the root then once after a few go overs with the dryer, detached the barrels and applied the clip. Easy as ABC! I continued to do so with the rest of my crown, moving to the medium size brushes for the middle layer of my hair and then smaller from the bottom layer of my hair.

Overall, I loved this CurlMe starter kit! It’s now an everyday essential for me, as it’s nice to look nice, isn’t it? It’s a very quick and easy process that you can incorporate into your daily hair routine. I’d definitely recommend the kit and am over the moon with my results. It comes in at a steal price of £35.00 too!

Have you tried Plo Blo before?


  • Becky Key July 13, 2017 at 7:04 am

    I’ve been eyeing this up for ages!! Really nice to see a good review! My hair holds a curl well if it’s done as the hairdressers do it, but I can never get the whole bouncy blow dry feel at home!

  • Aluap42 July 21, 2017 at 10:12 am

    Looks fantastic & great price too!

  • Donna Robert August 4, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    Wow looks amazing!

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