Pretty Feet Do Exist!

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There are a pretty large portion of people out there who say they hate feet. Almost like a phobia. Even those who don’t hate feet to that extent would probably tell you feet are ugly. They can smell. They don’t always look great. In some cases, feet can be pretty gross. It’s understandable why people wouldn’t like them. But don’t be fooled into thinking pretty feet don’t exist! Keeping your feet pretty is important, not just because of the way they look, but because you want to keep them healthy too. Your feet support you and take you everywhere you want to go, so make sure you’re taking care of them. Here are some tips and ideas to help you out. You’ll soon see that pretty feet do exist!

Cut Your Toenails The Right Way

You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who cut their toenails the wrong way. The right way is to make sure you cut them straight across, not rounded, and then file off any sharp edges or corners. You shouldn’t cut them too short. So many people cut them really short, and round them off, but this can cause painful, unsightly ingrown toenails!

Keep Your Nails Painted

Toes aren’t the prettiest of body parts, so keeping them painted is a good idea. Regular polish tends to last longer on the toes, but for even more staying power, gel polish can be used. This ensures a shiny, freshly painted look for longer.

Wear The Right Size Shoes

If you wear shoes that are too small for you, you could encounter all kinds of problems with your feet. Not only will you be uncomfortable, you could get some pretty bad bunions. You can learn more about bunions on sites like, to see just how bad they can be. It can be tempting if a pair of shoes are in the sale, but please, only wear shoes that fit you comfortably!

Wear The Right Type Of Shoes

Wear the right type of shoes for the activity you’re doing. If you’re running, running shoes. Walking, a pair of comfortable shoes, not necessarily training shoes. You shouldn’t wear the same kind of shoes all the time. Some people wear heels day in, day out, but this can be painful and cause other problems with your feet.

Get Rid Of Dry Skin

Dry skin on the feet can be uncomfortable, and it isn’t difficult to get rid of. You can buy treatments you apply yourself, and even carefully use something like a pumice stone to take off a lot of the dead skin. Just make sure you don’t take off too much, as it can get really sore.


Keep your feet moisturized, especially after a bath or shower. It’ll soften them and make them smell good.

Wear Clean Socks

Clean socks are a must, unless you want nasties growing on your feet! Swap them as often as you need to, for example, after a sweaty gym session.

Wash And Dry Your Feet Properly

Finally, make sure you wash and dry your feet properly. If you don’t dry them, you can pick up problems in between your toes, like athlete’s foot.

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