Pantene Repair & Protect Review

So, the weave is out! It was a sad yet happy moment on Monday night when I decided to break up with the weave. The whirlwind romance is now over. I’d just had enough of washing my hair once a week, sick of the smell, sick of the grease, sick of the thickness and sick of feeling like I had a scarf wrapped around my neck 24/7… so basically my weave took more effort than my relationship! There was absolutely nothing wrong with it, the hair is still in an amazing condition even after a few months I just wanted it out.

I think with the lifestyle I have, i.e. gym 5/6 times a week, the weave just wasn’t compatible. Normally, I’d wash my hair every other day since my hair gets particularly smelly and sweaty but the weave didn’t enable me to have this freedom. The weave shouldn’t be washed every other day and should be left for as long as possible which was incredibly hard for me! Anyway, long story cut short no pun intended, my hair is also back short.

I’ll be honest, I’m LOVING it. No regrets at all. It takes me literally 7 minutes if that to dry my hair and 5 minutes to straighten as opposed to 45 minutes to dry and 15 minutes to straighten. This is the life.  I’ll never complain about my hair again.

I’ve blogged a lot about my hair recently, and I’m sorry, but here’s ANOTHER hair post. What can I say, I just love my mop and maintaining it.

Today, I’m talking about Pantene, a well-loved, established, global hair brand. I’ve actually NEVER used Pantene before now… like what?! I’ve been missing out big time. I was lucky enough to be sent over a few products from the team at Pantene to give it, at long last, a try!

I received the Repair & Protect DUO, shampoo and conditioner. I choose this range because I do colour my hair often, doing roots every 4 weeks (yes, I get grey hair already) so I always go for a protectant. Both products are said to restores hair strength and shine, protect against future styling damage and prevents the formation of split ends.

I loved the duo, they work really well together and gave my hair the oomph it needed after feeling weak and damaged. Obviously, hair extensions aren’t great for your hair so it’s really important to replenish the hair after extension use. I was going to use a hair mask after taking them out but the conditioner was so thick, almost moisturiser like that after I’d left it on for a few minutes my hair felt so much better. My hair was thirsty for moisture and you only really see/feel the benefits of the conditioner after you’ve dried your hair. My hair was nearly reflective ha! The smell of the duo isn’t fruity or over powering, it’s perfume-y, if that’s even a word?! It’s more of a grown up smell, rather than a coco-nutty. It’s also worth mentioning that my scalp is very easily irritated by shampoos resulting in me only being able to use a few selected brands of shampoo like Head and Shoulders, but this shampoo has almost complimented my scalp, no dryness, no flakiness, no nothing just shine.

I also received the Wonder Ampoule! I’ve been dying to try these 1 minute wonders! These little guys are basically intensive conditioners which you only leave on for a minute. Again, something my hair was craving for. These ampoule are for coloured hair, therefore I used it after I done my roots on Monday night and it left my hair incredibly smooth and healthy looking. I think I’ll take these on holiday with me, since they are travel size and my hair does get dry in the sun!

Overall, it’s a 10/10 from me for Pantene. I loved the products I received and they’ve really brought my hair back to life again after looking lifeless and dry from the extensions! You can find these ranges in all well know cosmetic stores like Boots and even in your local Asda. All of the Pantene ranges are incredibly affordable and have made it onto my budget beauty list. Have you tried Pantene before?

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