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Lets talk about make-up! During the week I don’t actually wear a lot – not out of choice, if I actually had time on a morning before work I’d love to do my fleeky eyeliner and contouring but sleep comes first on a week day. I usually just stick some budget foundation on (because lets be honest who can afford to wear Estee Lauder Double Wear every day unless your rich), highlighter, powder, bronzer, blusher, mascara and some eyebrow pencil. However the weekend is when the Double Wear comes out to play, the eyelashes, the eye shadow and the rest… So over the past few weekends I’ve been rather busy and the make up has been lathered on by the bucket loads which has kept me looking on point obvs but underneath my skin is screaming for air!!

I usually use make-up wipes to remove the remains of my make up but for all those who use Double Wear you’ll know it’s like concrete once set! It takes me about three wipes to feel like it’s all off! So on Monday night after spending the weekend in Paris my skin was red raw and full of blemishes… in particular a spot was brewing on my chin. I pretty much blended in with the trick or treaters on Halloween lookin’ all witchy.

Fortunately for me, the team over at Nip + Fab have sent me over their brand new Teen Skin Fix range to try, boy did my skin need some detoxing and cleaning. The Teen Skin Fix range is made up of three main products which prevents unwanted blemishes and breakouts with powerful ingredients such as Wasabi Extract and Salicylic Acid. They claim that ‘Skin will appear smooth and shine-free’  Interesting!


I decided to try the Breakout Rescue Pads first, I went in the bath making sure my pores were open and began to wipe in a downwards motion on my face, particularly the areas where I’d had a break out around my chin and cheeks. The pads swipe away pore-clogging oil and dirt, they are infused with wasabi extract, an antimicrobial agent which helps to prevent unwanted blemishes and breakouts. Wasabi extract is a powerful antioxidant which helps to hinder the growth of bacteria, who knew! They also contains Salicylic acid which deeply cleanses pores and Witch Hazel which is know to help relive skin discomfort. The pads are moist with a textured based and smell absolutely amazing, they actually smell like cucumber.

DSC_0215 DSC_0222

I then used the Spot Zap, directing and rolling it over the area on my chin where I could feel the spot brewing. This product has been created to help minimize and improve the appearance of blemishes on troubled skin with the easy roller ball applicator delivering an active gel formula enriched in eucalyptus and tea tree oils, known for their purifying benefits. When applying it felt quite wet but the texture was thicker however it dried pretty much straight away, again had a distant smell of cucumber.

DSC_0217 DSC_0225

Lastly I used the Zero Shine Moisturiser, as I’ve mentioned before I really struggle to try different moisturisers because of my skin type but I loved this! The texture was relatively light but it was super smooth on my skin and it instantly felt less tight. Nip + Fab say it helps prevent excess oil build-up and breakouts using an advanced formula enriched with again wasabi extract to prevent bacterial growth and zinc and mattifying powders to leave a smooth, shine-free complexion.

DSC_0219 DSC_0230

I’ve been using all three products for the past few days and I’ve seen an instant improvement in my skin. It is visibly clearer, brighter and certainly less red around my troubled areas i.e my spot! The saw-ness has basically gone already and the shiny face I usually get around 3pm on an afternoon has disappeared. I feel completely protected using the skin fix kit and know my make-up isn’t sinking into my skin and pores. I’d definitely recommend these products to people with oily, spot prone skin.

*This skin fix kit was sent complimentary for me to try but all views and opinions are my own.


  • Reply Parie Joshi November 4, 2016 at 10:33 am

    This whole range sounds AMAZING. I need the resuce pads in my life

    Parie x

    • Reply Alice November 4, 2016 at 11:15 am

      It is! Fabulous and affordable! x

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