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I’m pretty particular about what shampoo and conditioner I use, that’s not out of choice because I’d love to be able to use fruity herbal essences every day but unfortunately I have a very irritable scalp. By irritable I mean it can get rather itchy and even worse… I can get a flakely scalp *oh the horror* since I have super sensitive skin. I’ve tried many different shampoos over the years but as soon as I change from my regular Head & Shoulders my scalp just has a reaction, which I think is quite strange since there are so many horror stories out there about what Head & Shoulders does to you scalp like washing away the top layer of skin and washing your colour out but honestly I’ve never had any issues and it really does stop my flake-ness. So yes, every now and again I get daring, trying a new shampoo and condition to see whether it could work well with my scalp so that’s just what I did last when I got my hands on this Neal & Wolf set.

Before trying, I’d heard amazing reviews about the Neal & Wolf products and have always wanted to buy a set but I do consider them a luxury product. Sometimes I think you’ve got to consider paying the price for such a quality product and I’d say a vital product part of your daily routine. Neal & Wolf was created by Neil Capstick, whom states that ‘luxury hair care used to be reserved for the select few’ until he condensed is 20 years of expertise and experience into one surprising affordable range and hair care was reborn. Their ethos is that they understand how much our hair means to us, making us feel confident so with that in mind they go the extra further than any other brand to guarantee extraordinary hair care products. So you could say I was rather excited to try this fabulous set when it arrived. I decided to try the Embrace Trio from the Ritual Collection. The trio is made up of three products; shampoo, conditioner and guard heat protection spray. Before I delve into this I should probably state that I’ve been using the three products for a week and this is my honest experience…


Let me start with the shampoo, the minute I squeezed a dollop onto my hand for first time the strong zingy fragrance hit me. It smelt amazing forget coconut and fruity smells this was deep and rich, the phrase I’d use for these products is perfume for the hair. I only needed a small circle of the product to get full hair coverage which I was surprised about as I have a lot of hair, thick hair in fact so I usually find my self saturating my hair to get it spread around each side, this was different very soapy. I then used the conditioner after shampooing, same again with the strong smelling fragrance however this time the product was a thicker substance, just like any other conditioner but it didn’t feel thick as I was gliding it through the ends of my hair it felt light and separated my tats properly as I ran my fingers through my hair. I let it on for around 3 minutes and rinsed. After I towel dried my hair, I sprayed the guard heat protector spray on which again complimented the smell making sure your hair really does smell delicious. I then went on to try and straighten my hair, the end result was smooth silky hair.

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I’ve continued this routine for a week now and have been seriously impressed. I’ve had no scalp troubles at all, I know some of you may be thinking it might not have had a chance to react yet but I can vouch that the reactions on my scalp happen pretty much straight away so I’m over the moon to have FINALLY found a trio that works for once. I especially love the heat protector spray since I’ve never actually used a spray before *shocking I know* but I honestly do think it makes a different, my hair feels so much more smoother and shinier.

I’d definately recommend Neal & Wolf and this gorgeous set, not bad for £28.95 plus I think it would make a great Christmas present! The packaging is lovely, I think I might invest in a one for my Mam.

Have you tried any Neal & Wolf products before?

*This post contains PR samples

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