Natural World Haircare Review

Hump day feels! We’re nearly at the weekend ya’ll we can do this! It’s just under a week till I jet off to Mexico (the weekly Mexico countdown) therefore, operation holiday beauty prep is well under way. If you don’t give yourself a full body makeover, the week before you go on holiday, are you even going on holiday?! I’m booked in for eyelash extensions, nails, waxing and most importantly a hair cut which is waaaay over due, on Saturday! Hooray, this will be, legit my first hair cut since April… shame on me. But actually, my hair has grown loads since I removed my weave, you can read all about the weave drama here. A month on since I’ve had it out and still no regrets, I’m loving my natural hair and am even considering getting a bob again for winter?! What’s wrong with me?!

Anyway, I have been giving myself some home hair pampering recently and have been using Natural World‘s Brazilian Keratin shampoo, conditioner and treatment oil. If you haven’t heard of Natural World, then I better explain all about it! The brand was created in the heart of Soho, London by major hair and beauty experts. The natural and organic haircare products bring naturally active ingredients from around the world to create affordable luxury haircare. If your hair is frizz prone or suffers from dehydration (mine certainly does!), Natural World organic hair products provide hair the treatment it so desperately needs. The Natural World ranges include; Argan Oil of Morocco, Brazilian Keratin, Chia Seed Oil, Coconut Water, Paw Paw & Quinoa, Charcoal & Mint and Shimmering Silver each with their own targeted function. There is such a huge selection of products available for everyone, even if you’re unsure on what range is best for you, they’ve created an interactive quiz on their website found here where you answer a few simple questions about your hair and then they’ll tell you what your hair needs, which is extremely helpful as sometimes when I’m after a new hair washing duo I get a bit stuck. I was lucky enough to be sent Natural World’s Brazilian Keratin shampoo, conditioner and treatment oil from the Natural World’s PR team which is truly ideal for my hair type.

So, let’s start with the Shampoo! This is a smoothing therapy shampoo jam packed full hair goodness, it’s described as a creamy formula infused with precious Keratin and an uplifting blend of 4 essential oils (Rosemary, Lemongrass, Orange and Ylang Ylang). I didn’t actually know what Keratin was till I started using this range and basically, it’s the main constitute of hair, helps provide targeted repair to the most damaged areas of the hair’s surface. Very interesting! I’ve been using the shampoo for around two weeks now and absolutely love this formula, not only does it smell super fresh, it makes my hair feel light and refreshed. Usually, shampoo really dries my hair out yet this one doesn’t, it’s full of moisture and is very creamy. It’s the perfect post gym shampoo too, I sweat A LOT so my hair gets very greasy meaning I have to wash it mainly every day. It comes in a 1L bottle, therefore it’s long lasting!

Now the conditioner, similar to the shampoo, it’s a smoothing therapy conditioner and contains the same ingredients of Keratin and blend of oils. I left it on for around 3 minutes then rinsed off and it left my hair feeling very soft. The proof of a good conditioner is always when you get out of the shower and brush your hair though. Some often leave my hair still tangled and in a worse state than it was before I even conditioned but this conditioner left my hair super silky and easily brushed through.  After a quick dry and straighten the fruity scents still remain, it’s almost like a perfume for your hair!

And the treatment oil, I love a good treatment oil. It’s just that extra little bit of TLC for your hair, isn’t it? I tend to stay away from oil in all honesty, as I always get worried it might make my hair greasy but this formula didn’t. You’re instructed to use the oil on damp hair, concentrating on the lengths and ends, then you don’t rinse. It can also be applied after blow drying to tame frizz and add shine. I used when my hair was damp so that it added an extra layer of protection whilst I blow dried my hair. The end result was amazing, my hair was so shiny and sleek, it even made my hair stay straighter for longer, having very frizzy hair normally.

I’d recommend all three products, especially the treatment oil. I’ve fallen in love with Natural World as a brand, and this range! You can pick up these Natural World products at Tescos of which they’re priced at a very reasonable price of £4 for the shampoo and conditioner! An absolute bargain in my eyes, considering how much product you get in each bottle. It’s a yes from me!

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