My Nail Care Secrets


Looking after your nails is easier said then done! I have been an acrylic junkie for years, I can remember being a little girl and seeing my mam with them on and begging for her to let me get them manicured and be all ‘grown up’. So up until I was about 13 she used to buy me those cheap stick on nails that lasted about an hour on and regularly used to paint my nails but I was never happy! Then when I think I turned 13 she finally let me go to the nail salon with her to get them done properly, it was like I was a real woman from that point on ha!

I used to get them done every 4 weeks, I had an obsession with my nails being perfect so when one used to break it was like the end of the world. I couldn’t possibly be seen in public with minging nails, so I’d rush to my nearest nail bar and get them done straight away. I knew what harm I was doing, I could feel it. My nails were in ruins, the more times I got them done the worse and more painful it became. The fast, pressuring filing used to be so harsh on my nails and cuticles that at one point they used to bleed and leave red marks… Ouch! When gels became the must have thing I tried them for a few weeks but sharply (literally!) returned back to acrylics since I felt my fingers looked like stumps. Lets be honest we all like getting our nails done and having them all the same lengths, am I right? So the acrylic nail torture continued for a few more months, until the pain was just unbearable and I decided to give them a much needed break, I’d had enough.

To my surprise my nails grew quite fast and started to get stronger, I think it might have had something to do with my good diet and exercise but whatever it was, it was working. I then started using gel polish but soon they became thin and soft, I’d tried nail enhancing products but nothing seemed to work until I started using RenuNail which is a nail strengthening treatment. RenuNail helps to achieve longer stronger nails in up to 4 weeks, it has been created for specifically weak, brittle, slow growing, prone to chipping nails in need of intensive SOS treatment.

To use the treatment effective you must do the following:

  • Day 1 apply two coats of RenuNail Nail Strengthener to clean nails, avoiding the cuticle area.
  • Apply one further coat every day for the next five days.
  • On the seventh day remove remove with nail polish remover and repeat the programme for the next three weeks.
    To ensure not only my nails are moisturized I also use Lotil Multipurpose Hydrating cream. Lotil softens, helps heal and prevent chapped, cracked, dry damaged skin anywhere on the body.  The powerful ingredients rapidly re-hydrate skin, especially the hands as they have the most wear and tare, the solution has antibacterial and antifungal ingredients help reduce any infection, also helping stop cuts and broken skin from stinging.

I’m not saying I’ve stopped the acrylics totally but only get them done every few months and always allow my nails to breath now! Do you have any nail care tips?

*This post contains PR samples.

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