My Hair Matters with Sainbury’s Review

So, it’s been a few weeks since the weave has been gone and am I missing it? Absolutely not! I’m loving my natural hair and I actually feel like it’s been on a growth spurt. Everyone’s been commenting on how long and healthy it looks which obviously lovely to hear! Especially since it hasn’t been cut since April!! Of course it’s so much easier to do now, it literally does take me half the time it usually did with the weave so happy days!

I’ve been making such an effort to look after my hair recently as you’ve probably read in my recent blogs, so I was very happy to be asked to give Sainbury’s brand new haircare line a go! Sainsbury’s  launched ‘My Hair Matters’ in June which is an affordable haircare range designed for individual hair types and, with everyone in mind.

Lets start with the packing, since I do appreciate good packaging. If you fall in love with the packaging, you’re 50% already there to buying it! I received the Smooth and Shine Range: Shampoo & Conditioner 400ml RRP £1.50 for unruly fine to normal hair. I loved the rose gold bottle and lavender purple colours used, it’s very feminine and luxurious. The bottle is a really good size and typically the size I’d go for when buying a new shampoo, they’ve been made properly meaning you can grip on it properly and hold securely. Price wise, what a bargain! Who needs to splash the cash on pampering when you have Sainsbury’s!

The Smooth and Shine range is said to tame those unruly flyaways and wispy ends! The formula is enriched with cashmere and specifically developed to help hydrate and smooth hair, calming static charge and polishing flyaways. A blend of Keratin, Pro Vitamin B5 and Wheat Proteins help moisturise locks and control frizz, leaving hair beautifully shiny, soft and manageable. The shampoo helps to remove residue that accumulates on hair over time to create shinier and more manageable locks when combing and styling. With all these amazing ingredients, did I like it then?

YES! With temperatures rising in the UK, so is my hair. I have very frizzy and heat prone hair, by that I mean I look like Monica off friends when she goes on holiday… humidity hell! The duo really got rid of my frizz and left my hair look ultra thick and shiny. I felt like the conditioner really helped with knotting and tatting, after I washed my hair and towel dried it, I had virtually no tats! It’s a miracle in a bottle.

  Each product in Sainsbury’s My Hair Matters range contains specialist ingredients for differing hair needs. Pro Vitamin B5 deeply penetrates the hair fibre to moisturise and enhance its ability to withstand breakage, Wheat Proteins with balancing and film-forming properties hydrate, while Cashmere is an amino acid complex with moisture binding properties to leave hair smoother and more manageable. Finally, nourishing Jojoba Oil adds shine and protects the hair, while Arginine increases smoothness. Alicia Mendez, My Hair Matters Product Developer at Sainsbury’s, said: “The range is designed for customers who love their hair and our new products are tailored to every hair type, providing an easy solution for feel-good fabulous hair. The formulas use luxury ingredients but are also affordable so customers can indulge in the best haircare without worrying about the price.”

It’s a yes from me for this duo!


  • Reply Stuart Forster August 4, 2017 at 7:01 am

    Do these also come in small bottles suitable for carrying as handluggage on flights?

    • Reply Alice August 4, 2017 at 10:22 am

      I’m not entirely sure 🙂

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