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Going out over Christmas? Me too! But I haven’t had time to get my lashes done due to being so busy!!! I literally just can’t wait to relax, the build up to Christmas is such a rush it’s like manic. I’ve been trying to hold off buying any make up due to the fact all I’ve asked for off Santa is new make up but I couldn’t help but indulge myself on these must have party lashes from KISS cosmetics.

I’m really fussy when it comes to eyelashes because I think quality really is worth paying for. I remember when I was 16 and the only eyelashes I would ever buy were from Primark (£1), which were so thick they made me look like daisy the cow plus I never really knew how to apply them back then so they were all over my eye, hanging off most the time… not a good look. I wish I could have told myself back then never to do that *embarrassing*. So as I got older and learnt how to actually use eyelashes I started buying the Eyelure ones which back then when I was living off a Saturday job wages were a bit expensive being a few pounds more than my Primark beauties. I still love the Eyelure lashes to this day and their glue or should I say adhesive is the best I’ve ever received within a packet. That was until I started using KISS eyelashes.

KISS is an American beauty brand which has recently hit selves in the UK. Originally the brands focus was nail products but they’ve expanded the range to other beauty must have items such as eyelashes. KISS is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of professional quality nail products. “Capitalizing on this success, Kiss became the first company to bring quality, professional nail care directly to the consumer, creating easy-to-use, all-in-one kits so she can achieve Salon Results at home.”

After admiring the lashes in Boots earlier this year I was thrilled when I got the chance to review two of their newest lash sets, Lily and Peony as they’re called. I wore the Lily lashes first which are a subtle look, yet still thick with bounce. They are a multi-angle set meaning the create a more natural look and blend properly within your own lashes, I actually think the lashes look layered rather than one straight cut. I decided to wear these with a casual every day make up look, not overly heavy on the eye-shadow just a light shade with a classic black eyeliner wing. The lashes completed the look I was going for and didn’t take over the basic style I was going for with my eye makeup. I’d also like to mention how easy they were to apply, they body of the lashes we’re already molded in to an eye shape so they attached to my eye shape straight away attaching instantly in place. The adhesive which is included within the pack was long lasting and didn’t feel thick of heaving, plus quick drying.


I wore the Peony lashes which are fuller and thicker when I was heading out on a night out, of which I had a dramatic full eye makeup style going on. I was wearing dark smokey shades, complimented with black winged eyeliner and then the lashes. I was worried they might be lost in the make up like I sometimes find with the Eyelure lashes but these didn’t they made the look. The layered mutli-angle lashes really do make a different and look like your own eyelashes. Again, same experience with the glue lasted my whole night out! Result.

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I’d definitely recommend KISS eyelashes and think they make great stocking fillers, especially for only £6.75.

*This post contains PR samples.

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