Mini Mac Haul

I haven’t bought from MAC in ages, not purposely just I’ve wanted to try so many other new and exciting beauty brands that have came into the cosmetic lime light in 2016. Since it was Christmas, I thought I’d treat myself to a few little things to remind my self how much I love MAC make up and to see what new products they’d came up with since my last purchase. I was initially hunting for their new Mariah Carey Collection but to my disappointment they’d sold out pretty much straight away of which I’m not surprised about as some of the pieces are utterly stunning. So, after having a browse I settled for an eye shadow pallet, a new lipstick and a pair of eyelashes.

Lets start with the eye shadow, I choose the Burgundy Times Nine pallet. My lust for eye shadow first began when I received my first NAKED pallet by Urban Decay, from then on it’s been love ever since. I was drawn to these colours because I haven’t used any of the shades before and have been watching a few tutorials where the colours compliment the skin and contouring very well so I took the plunge and the colours are very autumn winter. I used the pallet for a dramatic eye look for a big night out. To create my desired look I used the Honey Lust shade which is the lightest and first shadow in the pallet described as a ‘bronzedipped peach‘ for a base shadow around the eyelid. I then used the Antiqued shade which is an ashy brown colour with a hint of sparkle, just below the initial base colour in pallet to cover just half of my eyelid and then finished the look off with the #Nior shade, two along from the Antiqued shade which is a deep dark black brown with golden pearls spread around the end of my eyelids and a little under the eye. I loved the shadows, they are so thick and really create a full coverage which is long lasting. The colours looked so prominent on my eyes, giving my eyes a glitz and velvet look.

Making sure I would be matching, I choose the Driftwood Liptensity Lipstick. I usually go for glossy lipsticks, rather than a matte finish since I find some matte lipsticks can dry my lips out so when I read up on the Liptensity range I learnt that the formula has been created to hold intense amount of pigment meaning the colour has a real clarity and vibrancy plus that the gelled base melts when it contact with your lips so that the colour is fully spread with a satin finish. I was expecting the Driftwood shade to be a little more pinky, but once applied it’s more of a pinky nude which I love. The lipstick is so thick and shiny, but also very long lasting. With a dark brown lip liner finish, it creates a great combo.

Lastly, I decided to go for the 43 Lash design. I’ve used MAC eyelashes before and swear by them, the fact you can reuse a number of times and they still remain looking fresh is always a plus. They are quite pricey but 110% worth shelling out for since they are such great quality. I’d never tried the 43 Lash so was excited to see whether they’d come as described since they are bundles of wispy lashes, said to provide a ‘flirty fringe‘ for your lashes. I wore then with my dramatic eyes I’ve discussed early in the post, I was worried they’d get lost with my colour and eyeliner as I feel some other lashes do but they certainly didn’t plus I didn’t resemble daisy the cow so it was a result all round.

So after trying a few new colours and collections, my love for MAC has returned. I’m intriged to find out what they have instore for 2017, I wonder who their latest collaboration will be with?!

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