MADAME LA LA Bronzing Ball Review


Is anyone else feeling a little pale now that winter seems to be here? Because I certainly am, as I reminisce through my summer snaps and see what was once my glowing, bronzed skin. Oh those were the days! I love winter don’t get wrong BUT I hate how white my skin looks as it mirrors the snow and how dry it gets with the lack of moisture in the air. With the savoir of moisturizer and false tan I manage to keep my skin looking as tanned as it can be plus with some help from must have make up products. Which leads me on to bronzer, bronzer goes on after face makeup (foundation, concealer, and powder) but before blush and is the most used and vital product of my beauty routine.

I don’t really have a go to, use all the time bronzer as I like to experiment and try new bronzing products all the time. I currently use a KIKO Flawless Fusion, a bronzing powder which is good but I just don’t feel as though it’s dark enough to make an impact on my face not that I’m saying I want the caked, dark look but I am after some sort of colour, perhaps I’ve gone for a few shades too light. Before KIKO I used a MAC bronzer which I swore by for two years but occasionally made break out because it was very thick. Never the less I’m always optimistic about bronzers and find it is easier to mix up and try new products rather than constantly changing foundations and the likes because it isn’t a base product.


Since I’m always on the hunt for new bronzing products, I was rather excited to try MADAME LA LA’s Bronzing Ball after they asked me if I’d like to try! MADAME LA LA is a brand new exclusive indie beauty brand and self-tanning celebrity favourite inspired by LA, Malibu beach, the Hollywood lifestyle, wellbeing, slimming and of course, the anti-ageing rule – ‘delivering the ultimate LA Glow’! The products are a combination of Coco Water and hydrating skincare solutions infused into a beachy coconut fragrance that work together to bronze and smooth the skin. I’d heard of the brand due to it’s high profile reputation by celebrities raving about the products, celebs such as Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid and Vanessa Hudgens endorse the products. The company was founded by American-Brit Nicole Dash Jones, a British born beauty queen and songwriter who has spent most of her life in the states.

MADAME LA LA is renowned for their self tanning products but their most recent innovation is the Madame LA LA Bronzing Ball, a 180°colour cosmetics twist-up cream bronzer for a precise glide on instant bronze – no makeup brushes needed! The ball is infused with Vitamin E & Coco Water hydrating properties, the luminous and glimmering shade with a 180° dome applicator is easy to use for bronzing, contouring and highlighting the cheeks, lips and eyes.

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So what are my thoughts on the product you ask? I love it. The one colour suits all really does suit all, I was convinced the bronzer was going to be too dark but I was wrong it really does blend in with my shade of foundation really well. The first time I tried it, I used it like it was a highlighter and applied around the top part of cheek bones. It was thick yet super dazzling. I also applied it to my lips and eyes to see whether the product would have a different effect and it didn’t the glow stays the same. When you receive the product you also receive an instruction card which is a step by step way to apply. On the card it also advises that you can contour with the product which again I’ve tried and does work, although my face was super glittery but what’s wrong with a little sparkle ey? I also must tell you all of the smell, it’s like a coconut dream.


I can’t reccomend this product enough, at only £14.00 I think it’s an absolute bargain for such a luxury product.

*This post contains PR samples

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