Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review

So, hands up if the Kardashians are your guilty pleasure? Mine too. I absolutely love Keeping Up with The Kardashians and I’m not afraid to say it. I studied Media at GSCE and A-Level and learnt all about how reality televisions stars ‘build relationships’ with us as the audience because we can relate to their life situations, when I say ‘build relationships’ I mean it’s a one-way thing from our end because it’s as though we know them personally because we’ve learnt and followed all about their lives in the media for years. An example was when the whole world was devastated for Kourtney Kardashian when her relationship broke down with Scott Disick last year but we’re all so happy for them now they’re back together right? Or how about when Rob Kardashian got with Blac China, whom is Kylie Jenner’s partner Tyga’s ex… oh the scandal! We as the audience are like putty in Kris Jenner’s hands (who is literally TV Queen), she’s made us love them. It’s kind of like escapism, we’re away from our real life while involved in their dramas.

But anyway, aside from the Kardashian love. Anything that lot do is going to be successful, that family are our modern-day influencers from this generation. Kylie and Kendal, the youngest of the bunch seem to be following their older sister’s footsteps accordingly coming out of their once shadowed lives and into the spotlight. Kylie in particularly recently with the launch of her own beauty range Kylie Cosmetics.

I was very pleased on Christmas day to find a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in my stocking for one of two reasons, to see what exactly the hype over these products was since my social media channels have been inundated with insta’ snaps of the pretty packaging and two to see if the claims are true as to whether they are long lasting. I received Lip Kit Mary Jo K, which is a red tone – described as ‘a true blue red’. I love a good old red lippy because it always brightens up my face with having naturally pale skin and dark hair, my relative who bought me it knows me too well.

So, let’s start with the packaging obviously, it’s a work of art. The design is gorgeous, modern, creative, colourful, young, appealing and most definitely represents Kylie herself. I didn’t really want to open it after initial analyzing! Now for the product, it’s noted on the website that the lip liner is ‘ultra-long wearing’ with a ‘creamy texture that glides across the lips easy’ so was it? Yes it was, it was really easy to apply and smooth almost crayon like. The matte lipstick is described as high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip’ which is ‘extremely long wearing’ of which I can certainly agree with! The lipstick isn’t really a lipstick, it’s more of a gloss that dries like a lipstick. The bold red pigment is dazzling and bright as you apply, then is toned down when the matte formula kicks in. If you’ve read a couple of my posts about lipstick, you’ll know I’m not a fan of matte lipsticks just purely because they are so dry and my lips feel awful with it on but this was okay. I’m not going to say I loved it, but I would certainly wear it time and time again should I be after a long-lasting look. The claims are true; it does make your lips look so much more fuller and it does have a silk texture. I have nothing but positive comments about the lip kit and urge any beauty lover to try especially since prices don’t break the bank. I’m after the SMILE pink kit now!

Have you tried a Kylie Lip Kit before?

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