How’s life been treatin’ you all? Sorry I haven’t blogged in a week. I’ve been rather busy, busy meal prepping and working my butt off in the gym to sum the last week up in a sentence. In my last post, I was banging on about how about how I’ve returned to my personal trainer and how serious I was about my diet and I wasn’t joking either. A week on I’m 5lbs down, go me and bring on the bikini selfies in 6 weeks when I’m in Mexico.

Anyway, today’s post is all about painting that face of mine. A year ago, when the contour hype started, I didn’t have a CLUE how to do it, watching YouTube tutorials did nothing for me and I ended up looking just a smidge patchy and looking like a drag queen. My Mam would always stare at me in awe when I walked down the stairs ready to go out and march me back up the stairs to re-do my make-up. So, I kinda’ just gave up, decided it wasn’t for me. That was until recently, when I decided to give it another go, especially after watching Jackie Aina beauty Vblogs on YouTube. The way she does it is so simple and works so well, therefore I’ve adapted her technique and it’s working for me… finally. After mastering my method, I’ve been on the hunt for a good contour kit and now I feel like I’ve found it, the kit sent from God above… the ICONIC LONDON CREAM CONTOUR PALETTE!

If you haven’t seen ICONIC all over Instagram, are you even on Instagram? Every celeb I follow uses their products, especially their famous highlighter! Therefore, imagine my buzz when I was given the opportunity to work closely with them!!! Their creator Jade Elliott has begun her own movement to create a trend-led product range which are designed to challenge traditional concepts and to inspire individuals to push boundaries and to try something unexpected.

I didn’t know what I was receiving till the big reveal when I opened the packaged. It contained:

  1. Multi Use Cream Contour Palette

This palette has 3 shades to conceal, highlight and brighten the face and 3 shades to contour, define and shade. With a creamy, rich texture this buildable product has great coverage.

  1. Limited Edition Illuminator

This concentrated liquid shimmer can be added to your foundation, primer or moisturiser, or simply used on its own for a super highlighted glow. I received the Oringal Illuminator – champagne toned shimmer to add a golden shine.

  1. Strobing Stick

This is to be used lightly for a dewy finish or layered for a more dramatic strobe effect. It’s said to be loved by the likes of Kim Kardashian! I received the Orignal Illuminator – champagne toned shimmer to add a golden shine.

I’ll be honest it was one of the best packages I’ve ever received! It was like all my Christmas’ had come at once, just look at that packaging. So sleek, sexy, and appealing! I really appreciate good packaging! BUT I know it’s more about the actual product than packaging isn’t it… so what did I really think?!

Firstly, I used the contour kit, I applied my foundation first then started with the lighter shades to add concealer under my eyes, I love this technique it really brightens up my face. Straight away, it felt thick and creamy on my skin, initially, yes heavy but once blended it spread so evenly and looked very natural on my skin. I continued to use the lighter shades on my chin, nose, forehead and my lower cheek bone. A good start! Secondly, I used the two darkest shades for my cheek bones, I applied less here since less is more for this area I feel. I also applied it to my forehead and a little on my nose. Lastly, I blended, the key to every contour. Blending is so important to get right! Check out the finished product…

I LOVE this kit! The creaminess of each colour was perfect, I’ve tried cream kits before but have always thought some were too thick and clumpy making it impossible to blend but this was totally different. I thought it was super long lasting too and got a few comments when I rocked up to work looking all Kim K! I’d 100% recommend and think £32.99 really is worth it.

I then used the Liquid Illuminator, I think this highlighter has a fantastic concept and is so unique to the market. I have a few highlighters, powder, balms and even pencils but they always RUIN my make up! Maybe that’s just me though and I haven’t mastered the technique but anyway, this illuminator was PERFECT! I applied it as instructed with moisturiser and foundation, and it just gave me the best glow. It’s very subtle, don’t think you’re gunna’ look like a glitter fairy, because you’re not it’s like you’ve been sun-kissed, literally. This comes in at just £29.99, which is fair because I’ve had it almost 3 weeks now and only used a few drops, therefore very long lasting.

Finally, just because you can never have too much highlighter on, I used the Strobe Stick. Now this is the real business and my new daily essential. I added this last on top of my make up very lightly on the cheek points and it’s just gave my complexion that extra sparkle it’s been searching for, my skin looks banging with it on… if I do say so myself. The stick is £24.99, a budget price for a product I’m using daily.

Overall, I’m in love with my ICONIC LONDON products and urge you all to get on their site immediately. No, but seriously this is a fantastic brand who have revolutionised and almost revamped the beauty world. I can’t wait to see what other products they release and what other looks I can create with my products.


  • Reply Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN July 25, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    I too have spotted this on Insta (you’d have to be under a rock not too) and gave been a little obsessed with watching all the blogger videos using the products! It’s so nice to hear/see your opinion, as yes, I have tried a LOT of palettes too and find them clumpy too. So hearing that this is a creamy dream is a bug thumbs up. Time to add all the products to basket And yup! Can’t WAIT to see what they bring out next!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

    • Reply Alice July 25, 2017 at 12:23 pm

      Haha agreed 🙂 Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed! I’d definitely recommend 🙂 x

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