Here’s How to Keep Your Looks as You Age

While your genetics may have quite a big impact on what you’re going to look like in ten short years from now, there’s no denying that your lifestyle also has a say. A sedentary smoker who loves to tan and eat junk food, for example, may look quite different from their siblings who don’t smoke, stay active, and tries to be conscious of both the sun and their diet.

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Keeping track of what to do and what not to do in terms of ensuring your future health isn’t all that difficult but, when it comes to the specifics, it’s a bit easier to lose track. We’re supposed to stay out of the sun but also make sure that we get enough sunlight, and we need to keep an eye on our weight but also not allow the scale to dictate how we live.

It is, of course, all about finding that fine balance between health and relaxation but this is often easier said than done. Here is a handful of great tips in terms of settling into a healthy beauty routine that will keep your skin dewy and your hair glossy for longer.

It’s the kind of stuff you’ll be grateful you took care of in a decade or two from now.

Smile: It’s all about your routines

From you were little, you were hopefully taught that brushing your teeth in the evening will ensure that you don’t lose them – and brushing your teeth in the morning will ensure that you don’t lose your friends.

There is more to a healthy dental routine than just brushing, though, and the routine you incorporate now will definitely have a huge impact on how bright you can smile in a decade. Good dental health is, in fact, about what you eat to how often you drink water, how well you floss, and how often you visit that dentist’s office.

Flossing should, of course, be done twice a day but you might want to consider investing in water floss so that you can be a bit more gentle on your gums. This is especially relevant if you have a difficult tooth or even an impacted wisdom tooth as digging in with floss can get a bit painful.

You should avoid brushing right after you eat as well as avoiding eating right after you’ve brushed. Give it a good 20-30 minutes in between to be safe. Make sure that you drink water during the night as well, by the way, as a dry mouth is a sure recipe to dental problems. You can talk to your dentist about what else he or she thinks you can do for your teeth, by the way, as each mouth is different – and it deserved the best kind of advice.

Hair: Keeping it soft and glossy

The great thing about both your hair, skin, and nails is that they regenerate – and even if you’ve treated them badly during the last couple of years, you still have a chance of winning back their looks as long as you change your lifestyle a bit.

In terms of your hair health, this means that you should expose it to a minimum of heat and chemicals while also ensuring that it gets nourishment from within. A balanced and varied diet will guarantee that you get the kind of vitamins that make your hair glow but you can also take a supplement in case you suspect that you’re not getting enough from your current diet.

Just keep in mind that as long as your plate features a variety of colours, preferably all of the rainbow’s, you’ll be getting the kind of vitamins you need to shine. Check out this article for some more in-depth information on what you should be eating to look after your hair health and remember that this will do wonders for your general health as well. It’s not all about looks, after all.

Skin: Getting into a healthy cardio routine

No matter how much you moisturise and stick to that sun lotion, your skin won’t look as good with time as it could have unless you get into a proper cardio routine. A healthy amount of exercise each week can, in fact, reverse the ageing of your skin and make you appear younger; it’d definitely the kind of stuff you’ll be grateful for in ten or twenty years from now.

While strength exercises are also great for your body and health, in general, cardio is especially beneficial for your skin as it boosts your blood circulation and provides your largest organ with important nutrients. Get those jogging shoes on, in other words, and enjoy a good jog as often as possible in order to care for your skin.

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You can also have a look at this article for some more tips on cardio you can do without having to go outside for a jog. It just makes it a bit easier to stay on top of your routine even when it’s pouring down outside and you have no time for the gym.

Other ways to care for your skin is, of course, to find skin lotions that work for your skin type and remember to always go through your routine every day. It’s going to make you feel good, in any way, and will be worth it no matter what you look like in a decade or two from now.

Staying hydrated using a good face mask a couple of times per month, staying out of direct sun as much as possible, and getting enough sleep are also important steps to take when you’d like to keep your skin glowing and healthy for as long as you can.

The last point is especially important as your skin heals and works during the night. There is a reason behind the saying ‘beauty sleep’, after all, and if you don’t prioritise the number of hours you get in bed, your skin will look a bit soggier and unrested than it would have otherwise.
There you have it; ensuring that you’re able to age with grace is not that difficult, after all, as it’s all about sticking to a healthy routine every day for many years to come.

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