Get More From Your Skin With These Simple Steps

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After a long harsh winter it is likely your skin is going to be showing the signs of the elements.  Central heating, biting cold and illness leave you with sallow looking almost grey skin and possibly bags under your eyes or redness on your cheeks.  Well, it’s time to regain a little clarity so we’ve got a few simple steps to restoring your glow before the spring.

Firstly, and most importantly, hydrating and detoxing your skin is the first steps to improving its health.  Kick start your system with a warm water and lemon first thing when you wake up.  Then take to the bathroom and get on top of your skincare routine.  Using a good exfoliator once a week will help you to buff off all the dead skin cells and leave a cleaner base below.  It’s worth subscribing to a company like Birchbox to get loads of cool samples until you find one that suits you.  Once you have cleansed and toned you could consider a homemade mask using one of these great recipes and then give yourself a make up detox for at least 48 hours.  It’s time to be a little kinder to your skin, remember!

Keep on top of your water by aiming to drink around 2 litres per day.  You can mix it up with green tea or coconut water but try to avoid fruit juices which contain lots of sugar, these can be bad for the health of your skin.

Talking about health, getting active boosts circulation and cell regeneration so get out and get your blood pumping.  Simple exercises like riding your bicycle into work can be a really simple solution to added a bit more movement into your life.  If you will be riding on roads though, make sure you are wearing the right safety gear and you know the rules of the rode, the last thing you want are any bicycle accident claims to deal with!

The last step to ensuring the health of your skin is to get some real sleep.  Our bodies regenerate whilst we are asleep so if you aren’t getting enough quality hours then your skin will suffer.  Set up a bedtime routine where you remove any blue light from your room an hour before bed.  Head into the bathroom to follow your skincare routine for night time and then consider 20 minutes of yoga to help you unwind.  It’s important to stick to the same time every night and try to hit your pillow around 10pm if you can.  Experts say this is the best time to ensure we get the best quality sleep.  

Avoid heavy late meals or drinking alcohol because whilst both of these can make you feel cosy and sleepy they actually have the opposite effect on your body.  Alcohol is a stimulant and a large meal will require lots of work to digest it, meaning whilst you have your eyes closed, your body is working over time.

Take these few small steps over a few weeks and you will really see an incredible new you!  

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