Benito Brow Bar Metrocentre #ThatBenitoFeeling

A few weeks ago, the lovely team at Benito’s invited me down Debenhams, intuMetrocenture to celebrate their latest campaign, #ThatBentitoFeeling.

I love my brows. Believe it or not, the shape of my eyebrows are natural, that’s one thing I have been blessed with and that’s good brows. Having an incredibly feminine and ‘girly‘ Mother has meant I take great pride and care in my appearance because it’s all I’ve known. My Mam has always either done my eyebrows for me or taken me to a salon to get them done. She was so understanding as a teen that I absolutely needed the best eyebrows, the darkest tan, the smoothest legs and the latest hairstyle. (My Mam really is the best!) If you’ve been reading Zest of Alice for a while know, you’ve probably grasped that I really do love my beauty and am always on the hunt for the latest Beauty trends.

I first heard about Benito last year when I was at a House of Fraser Press Day (you can read about that here), where I had my lashes done by their fantastic team. The concept is their walk-in approach so for threading, there are no appointments. Simply walk in to your nearest Brow Bar, take a seat and their threading specialist will work their magic All that is left is for you to strut out afterwards feeling glamorous. Benito Brow Bars are everywhere these days, mainly in House of Fraser and Debenhams beauty departments but they’ve most recently branched to Topshop.

I went along to the event with the lovely Laura, from ElleBlonde. We were greeted with a warm welcome and a glass of fizz then guided to the hot seat! Laura went first, she isn’t keen on threading so I managed to keep her mind occupied with my gossip and within what felt like a few minutes it was done and her brows were super fleeky. Then it was my turn, the brow professional discussed with me that I’d need a patch test if I wanted my brows tinting, talking me through what was happening, how I’d need to hold my eyebrows and move my head. I don’t mind threading, maybe I’ve got a high pain threshold! The technician was so quick, I must have only sat down for 5 minutes and she was done. You’re given a mirror straight after the threading to ensure you’re satisfied with the end result, then the technician cools off your stingy brows with Aloe Vera Gel. I’m still really impressed with the shape and how much she removed, baring mind I’d grown my brows especially for the occasion.

Benito’s threading and tint comes in at only £13, which I think is great value for money considering the luxury. Tinting is ideal for someone like me who barely draws my brows in and saves time off your morning makeup routine. Benito, as well as offering brow styling also do lash extensions, facial threading and arm massages. I’d definately recommend heading to your nearest Benito Brow Bar, the staff are so friendly and their prices are really affordable.

You can locate your nearest Benito Bar on their site here.


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