Benefit Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit Review

Not to brag or anything, but I have pretty good brows if I do say so myself. I’ve never really been interested in my brows because I’ve never needed to fill my brows in or style them as I’m naturally quite dark and do get my eyebrows died every two weeks or so, plus I love the natural shape of my brows. However, I do feel like I’m missing out when I see all these banging insta models and MUA’s sharing their brow creations, those big thick fluffy things. Therefore, I’ve decided to join the trend and explore the potential of my eyebrows.

I’ve done my research and read countless reviews about what the best brow product is and Benefit is a brand that came up a lot on my hunt. The best review I’d heard was off my Mam, word of mouth and your Mam’s always, right isn’t she? She bought a few pieces from the brow range when it first came out last year therefore when I was in Debenhams a couple of a weeks ago and saw they had 20% of these amazing kits how could I say no? I grabbed this for only £17. BARGAIN! Instead of £31.50! There are four products within the kit, obviously, I was clueless as to what each one was for and what colour I needed, so I headed to the Benefit counter in Debenhams and asked an assistant to explain what each product was and how to use it. The assistant was so helpful and I walked away ready and raring to give my eyebrows some life.

So let me explain the details about the kit, it’s described to “build brow drama!” Exciting. And as “taking brows from natural-looking to dramatic.” Everything about me is dramatic so of course I want dramatic brows too. It contains everything you need to fill, sculpt and set your brows. It also includes Benefits signature Tips & Tricks guide and special eyebrow stencils so every one of us ladies can create an expert, personalised brow shape. The three main products included are Ka-BROW!, ready, set, BROW!, and the high brow highlighter pencil, be warned the only full size product is the KA-BROW! and the other two are minis. Which is totally fine for me as this is my first time!

I used the ready, set, BROW! first. This is a 24-hour, clear brow gel which shapes and essentially tames brows, plus it locks on makeup so your brows don’t pull a disappearing act or slide off. I was very intrigued by this product as for one, I’ve never used it before and two, wondered whether it would actually make the product stay on longer. It’s pretty much the same as a mascara but for your eyebrows and not jet back it has an invisable-finish, the brush is very easy to use and glides through your eyebrow hair. I really liked it as it seemed to tidy and clean up my eyebrows completely, I saw a difference straight away. The shape of my eyebrows was instantly more defined, therefore it made it so much easier to use the actual brow product as I then just had to outline my shape. The ready, set, BROW! product really helps create that flawless finish you see on those insta models. 


I then used Ka-BROW!. I’ve used this product before a few times (stealing from my Mam!), therefore I knew what to expect. Before I get on to the actual product, let’s talk about the outside packaging, it looks very magical, doesn’t it? Fit for a queen I’d say! Benefit always have funky, fun and feminine packaging don’t they? It’s almost Disney like! Very appealing and it’s also very compact as there’s a brush within the stem of the product. The cream-gel is very thick and rich, but it doesn’t go on thick, it’s very buildable and easy to apply. The brush and the product go well together, the angle of the brush enables you to get into the nitty gritty small angles of your brows, therefore, it’s applied very evenly and full coverage. What I love about this, is the fact it’s waterproof! It’s an unwritten rule that all eyebrow formulas should be waterproof, a girl gets a little sweaty during the day doesn’t she?!

Once my brows were on fleek, I then used the high brow highlighter pencil, the saviour of all pencils and something which I wish I’d used all my life because it makes such a difference. It’s the ultimate finisher for your eyebrows that really adds subtle definition. I applied the pencil under my eyebrows, following the shape easily as the product glides. It’s not very glittery, it’s just a warm silver colour. It actually complimented the eyeshadow I was wearing too. I was very impressed.

I didn’t really use the Tips & Tricks guide or need it since my eyebrow shape is very defined naturally, but it is very handy and I can imagine it coming in handy for those who are experimenting with different shades and thickness.

In conclusion, these three products work very well together to create a professional finish look brows and I love it! The kit has now become a daily essential!

Have you used the Benefit Bigger & Bolder Brows Kit before?



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