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From beard wax to shaving brushes and aftershave to cologne, the men’s beauty industry has boomed in recent years. It’s now no longer appropriate for men to shower with just water, or bite their nails down to stubs – they’re starting to see the benefits of a bit of grooming more than ever. So if your man’s birthday is on the horizon, of you just want to give him a bit of a nudge, consider getting one of these men’s grooming items that every 21st Century man ought to own.

A mani-pedi set

For centuries men would bite their nails down to the finger, or even worse, rip them off. The skin would peel off around them, they’d be dirty, dry, and all in all, a bit disgusting. Men’s mani-pedi kits are really starting to take off. In fact, some barbers are even starting to offer the service. Maybe men have started to realise just how irritating it is to catch a snagged nail on a soft, woolen jumper. Or maybe they just see the benefit to beautifully cared for nails. Either way, mani-pedi kits make great gifts for men – he’ll only steal yours anyway.

A great moisturiser

Understatement of the century time: men have skin, just like women. So how come skincare always seems to have been geared towards women? Do men not want super soft, clear, and healthy skin like we do? Granted, their hormones aren’t quite so hell-bent on causing spots, but that doesn’t negate the fact that leaving skin to its own devices isn’t the best thing for it. The most significant skincare product is probably moisturiser, especially in the winter when everything is out to suck every last bit of moisture from our skin. If your man-friend doesn’t moisturise, or your favourite products seem to go down unreasonably quickly, it could be time to invest in a good man-moisturiser – he won’t know what’s hit him.

A beard trimmer

Beards are all the rage, and quite frankly, it’s awesome. There’s nothing manlier than a thick, luscious beard, but they can get pretty gross when they’re all straggly and poorly cared for. A beard trimmer is the ultimate item of men’s grooming, and one that every hirsute man should have. Without it, how will he create the beautiful facial topiary of our dreams – not with the kitchen scissors, that’s for sure!

Beard wax

Sticking with the theme of beards, if he’s got a well trimmed and perfectly formed beard, he’s going to want some beard wax to hold it all in place and give it that divine shine. For years beard wax was one of those joke gifts for men, but now it’s totally a thing men buy of their own volition, and it really does add something to the shape and texture of the beard.

A good quality conditioner

Men’s hair needs moisture to look gorgeously healthy just as much as ours. There’s nothing worse than running your fingers through a man’s hair when it’s dry and twiggy. Even when it’s only an inch long, it still needs a good conditioner to keep it soft and supple – don’t let him get away with two in one – it’s time to branch out into the world of men’s conditioner. There’s just no excuse not to anymore.

The men’s beauty industry is growing at an exciting rate, and now there’s no excuse for broken nails and badly shaped beards!

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