BB, CC & DD Creams: Is there Really Any Difference?

If you have been to any department store recently or just a makeup counter at Boots or Superdrug, then you’ll have seen a whole load of letters recently that might not mean very much to you. It started with BB cream. Next, there was the option of CC cream too. Let’s not forget the introduction of DD cream either! But what do all of these letters mean and what is the difference between them all? It can all be quite confusing, especially as they are all classed as a primer or foundation. Are they even different from a tinted moisturiser? The struggle is real! So I’ll spell some of the differences out for you today.


BB Creams

BB creams have become really popular over the last couple of years. It is easy to see why. They do give coverage, quite a light coverage, but they have added benefits like antioxidants and SPF (plus even more benefits, depending on which brand you choose). So you can see why it is different from a tinted moisturiser, as they give very little coverage. They are different still than just a foundation might not have the added benefits. Some foundations have SPF, but that is about it. I like that you don’t have to be too strictly skin matched to a BB cream. So you could choose a BB cream from an A’pieu online store or just order it in from brands like Younique. They shouldn’t be relied on as the only way to protect from the sun, though. If you are going on holiday, a proper sunscreen is a good idea too.

CC Creams

The difference between CC creams and BB creams is quite subtle. The CC does stand for colour correcting. So it does hint at the fact that coverage is a little more, to ‘correct’ the colour of your skin, if it is a little red or blotchy, for instance. I like to think of a CC cream as a bit of a new and improved BB cream. It is light and fluffy in the feel that they give as they generally feel lighter on the skin than a BB cream does.


DD Creams

Yes, DD creams. Did you even know they existed? It can seem a little odd that they are on the market when there are already similar things out there. So what do they actually do that their older sisters BB and CC can’t? They are marketed as the ‘Dynamic Do-all’ creams or ‘Daily Defence.’ So they are a little bit of a CC cream hybrid. They are a bit more heavy duty coverage than a BB cream but will have all of the colour correcting benefits of a CC cream. Julep is one of the first brands to have brought out a DD cream, so theirs might be the one that you want to try out first.

So there you have it; all you need to know. Do you have a favourite or do you prefer to use concealer? I’d be interested to hear what you think.

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