6 Tips For Glowing Hair & WIN A TANGLE TEEZER

Finally, my hair is growing! After nearly a year since I had my hair chopped short, I’m finally getting a little bit of length to it. I had the chop after months of damaging my hair, bleaching the ends to create the perfect ombre look however after my poor hair nearly started falling out I decided enough was enough… It was time for the dreaded cut. In all honesty though, it was probably the best thing I could have ever done for my hair. It was so glossy and thick once it’d be cut, plus I really suited a short bob, I kinda’ looked women-ly. After the novelty wore off, I severally missed my long locks and being able to just shove my hair up in a mess bun so I’ve waited patiently and it’s happened, it’s finally grew!

I’ve definitely been making more of an effort since my hair scare to keep it in good condition and am always on the look out for hacks and tips to keep the moisture and to ultimately keep it thick-ish. So, when Tangle Teezer shared their professional tips for glowing hair with me I just had to pass on the secrets to you lovely lot!

  1. Diet

The heath of your hair, just like your complexion and physique, can be improved by a good diet. You need to eat good, rich fats, such as the ones found in eggs, olive oil and nuts, alongside a healthy diet to encourage growth and keep the hair moisturised.

  1. Drink lots of water

My favourite tip of all!Water has about a gazillion benefits, including on the muscles, on general fatigue and on digestion, so it’s no wonder that increasing your water intake will have a positive impact on your hair. H2O helps to hydrate the hair, which in turn stops breakages and split ends, making your hair glossy and luscious. Aim for 6-8 cups a day.

  1. Think before you brush

Pulling ineffective brushes and combs through your hair could cause a great deal of damage and breakages even though we can’t see it! Which in turn can leave your hair feeling dull and lifeless. Choose a high-quality brush suited to detangling, such as The Original Tangle Teezer, and try not to brush your hair too often.

  1. Go smart with the products

If you want to up your hair’s wow-factor, the products you choose will go a long way to boosting it. You can purchase specific glossing treatments, some of which also give your colour a boost, whilst adding shine and increasing your hair’s smooth appearance. To add shine to dull hair, a serum is a fab choice – and just because it’s oil, it doesn’t make it greasy! Alternatively, you could try using shine spray. Shine spray is a lighter product, which is well-suited to thinner hair that might not be able to handle a heavy product.

  1. If circumstances dictate, take it to the kitchen

You don’t have to always go all-out with products to get the gloss you’re looking for. Coconut oil, which has been a foodie sensation for quite all while now, can work wonders on your hair. Massage unrefined coconut oil through your hair, paying close attention to the ends of the hair and working your way up (strange I know!). Wrap hair up for 30 minutes, rinse, then wash as normal. You’re sure to feel the difference!

  1. Keep it cool

It may well surprise you just how much a blast of cold on your hair can impact its glowing appearance. When you’ve finished washing your hair, rinse with cold water and, when you’ve finished drying, blast some cold air. If you can hack it, we implore you to give it a go.

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