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May 15, 2017


How To Plan A Last Minute Holiday

Routine and forward planning can sometimes be a little overrated. Sometimes it’s healthy to just throw caution to the wind and be a little spontaneous. If you’re feeling a little like that but not sure what to do with your itchy feet, why not book yourself a last minute holiday? Sound a little overwhelming? It really doesn’t have to be. Here is our guide on how to successfully plan a last minute holiday and have you up, up and away in no time at all. Choose A Destination We all have places  ...

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The 4 Things You’re Doing That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth as early on as you possibly can is the only real way to ensure that they look good now and in the future. If you fail to look after your teeth, you’re going to experience health problems later on down the line, not to mention a decline in aesthetics. Here are the 4 things you could be doing that are ruining your teeth: Using Your Teeth As Tools Do you use your teeth to open bottles, snap off tags? Maybe you bite your nails. Your teeth should be treated with the  ...

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Get Healthy At Home: Work Out Without Leaving the House

The reality of modern life is that we’re all busy. We have lots to do, from going to work or school to caring for family and meeting with friends. Going to the gym sounds like a good idea in theory, but once you’ve travelled there, done your workout, showered and gone home, it’s eaten up a significant part of your day. Plus, it’s expensive. One way to avoid wasting time at the gym is to get fit at home instead. You never even have to leave the house if you  ...

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To Coffee, With Love

We all have our vices, and while some of us can’t stay away from cheese and others love a lovely glass of gorgeous red wine, I can’t go a single day without coffee. They say it’s bad for you, but isn’t everything that is wonderful in this world? So here is a celebration of this delicious nectar. This is from me to you coffee, with all my love. Coffee boosts your mood I don’t know anybody that doesn’t need a pick-me-up first thing in the morning, and even just the smell of coffee has been  ...

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