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July 2016

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House of Fraser #HOFMAS is coming Press Day

  Told you all I was having a busy week didn’t I? Yesterday I went to London for the House of Fraser #HOFmas is coming press day, which was fabulous! I had to catch the half 5am train from Newcastle which was a delight as you can imagine, I mean come on I had to get up at 3:30am in order to do my make up, get dressed, get organised etc… BRUTAL. Anyway despite this, I had a really great day, in fact I wish I could it it all again! I love London and really enjoyed meeting  ...

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Foodie Review | Sweet Tooth Delivery Sunderland

How’s everyone’s week going? It may be only hump day but I’m having a super busy week, roll on the weekend! This one’s for all of my local foodie readers, guess where I went last night? SWEET TOOTH DELIVERY! Sweet Tooth Delivery formally known as The Olive Café in Sunderland started by delivering desserts to UNI students back in the day and it was then that they discovered a gap in the dessert market! Today it has two branches across Durham, one in Middlesborough and one in Sunderland. So I  ...

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8 Things That Ultimately Happen When You Get In A New Relationship

The Weight Gain Possibly the best thing about a relationship is the fact you now have someone to go out with to all your bucket list of places to eat. And because every time you see each other, the first thing you suggest to do is “shall we go for food/get a take away?” But 2 months down the line you start noticing Tiny the Talking Tummy appearing… not good. The Rainbows and Happiness Because nothing/nobody can drag you down and put you in a bad mood, not even work, not even the fact you’ve  ...

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Garment Quarter – Interview with celebrity stylist James Yardley

I’ve recently been working closely with Garment Quarter, a luxury fashion retailer. They deliver brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Moschino plus many more – a fashion bloggers dream basically. They work alongside many celebs and their stylist including James Yardley who is freelance fashion, celebrity and commercial stylist based in London. He assisted the renowned Frank Strachan, styling clients that included The Saturdays, JLS, Nicole Scherzinger, Kylie Minogue and The X  ...

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