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April 2016


5 Hair Care Musts!

So last weekend I had to get the chop, to be precise about 3/4 inches!! Heartbreaking I know. I’ve been dying my hair since I was about 13, I’ve grew up with my very glam Mam who is always trying new dyes and styles out so it was inevitable that I wanted to copy when I was finally given the chance in my first year of secondary school. It started with a few highlights, I think the style was called the ‘bird sh**’ look haha throw back!! But then I went bright red, back  ...

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Fitness, Food

I’ll start on Monday…

Another weekend over… gutted! However nice four day week for me since it’s my birthday on Saturday and have planned a long weekend off work, happy days. So after a few G&T’s, chips and chocolate this weekend I kinda feel like I’ve fallen off my health wagon, which isn’t the best when I’m wearing a fitted white dress for my birthday night out -screams- so that gives me less than a week to de-bloat and work my butt off in the gym. LET THE HEALTH KICK  ...

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Foodie Review | Revolution Newcastle

On Wednesday evening I was invited down to Revolution Newcastle to taste their delicious new menu and here’s how I got on… Myself and my Mam popped down at 7pm, place was buzzing as it usually is being a hotspot in Newcastle City Centre. We were greeted by the lovely Brandon who was going to be looking after us for the evening and directed us to our booth which was set lovely with a little reserved sign with my name on it, it’s the little things isn’t it! We were  ...

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Why I quit social media… then went back on it

Last year around November time, I just one day had enough of social media. I just woke up and questioned myself, what does it mean to me? Ask yourself, what do your social media channels mean to you? So the answer to the question, what did it mean to me back then? Everything, it ruled my life… ok maybe not ruled it, slightly dramatic. But what I’m trying to say is it really was a huge part of my life I couldn’t function without it, I’d have withdrawals not refreshing  ...

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